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Integrate the Collabox  to your systems and applications already in place allows you to optimize your processes and at the same time increase the efficiency of your organization. This digital transformation makes it possible to put in place practices in addition to obtaining efficient operations.

Several of our clients have made this transformation within their organization and here are a few examples:

  • Export Collabox invoicing operations to the existing accounting system
  • Integrate information from their specialized software (manufacturing management, submission systems) into Collabox
  • Eliminate in-house excel files used for inventorying by integrating all products and barcodes into the Collabox
  • Transfer orders made by SQUARE to their Collabox to monitor production in real time


CASE 1  Food production and in-store sales sector

CHALLENGE Save time and productivity to generate products ordered online and in store in a context of business growth.

ACTION  Switch from a paper order-taking system to an integrated system that goes through the website and transfers the data to the Collabox to then obtain a production table.

We published in the Journal Action PME  a case study on this subject: Read our article on a case study.

Production table


CASE 2  Kombucha style drink production and distribution sector

CHALLENGE Save time and productivity to plan distribution and delivery routes across Quebec.

ACTION  Switch from a manual order taking system to an integrated system that establishes delivery routes by advanced geolocation using CRM-Collabox.

see the article 






The Collabox team has diversified business experience which allows you to quickly understand the issues facing your organization in connection with the implementation and use of your Collabox.

We can therefore offer you specialized advice at the various stages of your digital transformation:

  • manage changes within your team
  • align your current working methods and processes with the various Collabox functions
  • optimize your use of Collabox to be efficient and effective


TRAINING on request for Collabox users

We offer specialized training and coaching on topics related to Collabox and other topics related to the life of an organization.

At your offices, in individual or group sessions. We can also do it in screen-sharing mode so that the learning is concrete and applicable quickly.

  • Beginner, intermediate or advanced levels to make the most of the use of your Collabox
  • Implementation of a quality customer service program (consultation or training)
  • Team management
  • Establishment of a call center or a telemarketing team


FORMABOX SERIES: Training and networking











We have set up a series of short training courses that combine learning and networking. They are offered to all our customers to perfect their knowledge of Collabox.

Watch your Monthly infobox to find out about the program and to register.

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We can also refer you to partners specializing in different fields, such as human resources management, recruitment, public relations, graphics and many others. Let us know your needs, it will be our pleasure to help you.

418 907-9274, ext. 120



Collabox has established partnerships with Quebec companies to develop its distribution network in addition to presenting its customers with qualified partners in their field.

Bas de Fleuve region

Infomedia Solution is recognized as a privileged partner of integrated technological solutions in the great region of the lower river.
Do not hesitate to contact them directly if your business is located in these regions.

Infomedia Solution

Quebec region

Nomisco, supports companies, in distribution or in the manufacturing sector, so that they surpass themselves by leading them on the path of growth and flourishing prosperity, robust and in control. The science behind the art of selling!


Greater Montreal area

Cephema  supports SMEs in their marketing efforts on global markets. Based in Old Montreal, our distinction is based on our familiarity with cutting-edge technologies: software, advanced technical services, patents. Experienced and multilingual, our team has more than 50 years of experience in technical marketing and business development.



Complys , 30 years of expertise with companies to offer a wide range of IT solutions.






We can also offer you support, coaching for the animation of your social media. Our approach is friendly, creative, simple. We work with you to optimize your actions on platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram.

Our approach: package, bank of hours, by the hour or according to your needs.

We have already been running several groups and professional pages for several years.

Louise Lahaie will be happy to discuss it with you.  louise.lahaie@collabox.com


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