Knowing precisely how much time your team has spent on projects is an element of profitability for an organization. When it’s time to invoice the customer, estimating is definitely not the answer.

Have you ever heard: “this project is not profitable! ”
If the answer is yes, we have solutions for you


We have solutions to optimize time management 

Did you know that the  Collabox debuted with the “timesheet” function?

We have evolved this function over the past twenty years by adding other tools that make it a EFFICIENT TRIO. 

This trio allows you to optimize the work of your teams.

You will be able to manage the time of your resources, invoice the precise number of hours for each project, analyze what tasks your team is working on and many more.

Here are our 3 “star” functions:

  1. Timesheet
  2. Agenda
  3. Contact

Discover them HERE!


This module allows you to enter the time invested for current projects in a precise and user-friendly way.
The time devoted to a CLIENT, a PROJECT, a SERVICE, a TASK, by EMPLOYEE, in addition to being able to enter NOTES and COMMENTS.

Whether for 15 minutes, 2 hours or 3 days.

Check out our  Blog  to learn about the many types of timesheets.


La feuille de temps de Collabox

Agenda (or calendar)

The Calendar allows you to manage appointments and work meetings in addition to  holidays and absences. Add to all this the visualization of your due dates  of your tasks or projects.

This module allows you to efficiently manage time by having an overview of the day, week, month, quarter, a specific period.

You can plan a work meeting with colleagues thanks to  the collective agenda. It’s over the endless email exchanges to find out about availability.


When you have a lot of contacts, a management tool is invaluable. We understood it and that’s why this module is great!
Keep all important customer and associated contact data in one place.
Quickly obtain follow-up dates and birthdays, conversation history as well as the type of intervention in progress and much more.


This module is the perfect example of our KEY PRINCIPLE 1: SINGLE INPUT

You only enter your contact once and it is associated with all the other modules of your Collabox. No more wasting time looking for information in multiple software or Excel files!

La fiche contact du Collabox

Stop charging for project time roughly?
Obtain profitable projects?
Distribute the time of your resources fairly?


It has been our specialty for more than 20 years, we can guide you.
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