Our business experience over the past 25 years has always confirmed that the needs of companies are different depending on the sector of activity, the products or services offered, the business objectives, the number of employees, needs expressed by managers or decision-makers.

Your reality, our options!

The prices

At Collabox we offer diversified price platforms

Our solutions adapt to the specific realities of all our customers. Our analytical capacity to quickly grasp needs leads us to offer different options that vary from one client to another.

  • The Collabox can be used per module in the form of a monthly subscription depending on the number of users or  the number of employees of the company
  • We also have formulas by package or by fees

We invite you to contact us to tell us about your needs and ask your questions and we can then present you the right solutions and the associated costs.

Looking forward to chat with you!


418 907-9274 or info@collabox.com