Testimonials from our clients



For more than 20 years, we have had great business relationships with our clients and they do it well for us.  Their ideas, their needs, the numerous exchanges are all precious elements in meeting their needs and at the same time making the software evolve in a concrete way.

“The Collabox team is able to create solutions that really adapt to our needs. This gives a lot of flexibility compared to large industrial solutions. They have a range of existing solutions that have often been used to meet our demands. We quickly implemented more tools and dashboards than we thought possible at the start of the project. ”

Eric Lemieux
ACE Accent Electronic Controls

“Collabox is the story of a great collaboration. Good listening leads to a good understanding of our needs, sometimes even to anticipating them. The solutions provided are fair and relevant. I always have the impression that the craftsmen of Collabox know their software perfectly, as well as the details of the implementation at Boost. Collabox has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to “turn around” quickly. In addition, they are open to changes during the process, while remaining rigorous. ”

Julie parent
Administrative director
Boost Consulting Group

“To Francis and his entire team, I was looking for the originality of a solution. I was looking for the understanding of the technical staff. I was looking for an application stuck to my reality without having to invest more than necessary. I was looking for a human and friendly way when I panicked at my incomprehension.
Thank you COLLABOX. Thanks to you, I found much more than what I was looking for.  ”

Daniel Forest
COMBOXIN Services inc.

Collabox has greatly simplified the management of the trips of our fleet of vehicles and the remuneration of the drivers attached to it. The good point is, I never hear about it. At my level, if it didn’t work out, this is where I would hear about it. With Collabox, it’s silence. In a good way … since May 2008. In addition, when we ask to make a change to the application, we always have a quick response and above all that always meets our expectations.  “

Robert Lalonde
Discount Quebec

“The establishment of Collabox at Agiro allows us to carry out sound financial management by project and makes everything easy to analyze.
Hours worked, expenses, income, everything is now in one place with just a few clicks! Do we have a special request? Every effort is made to implement it! Thank you”


Isabelle Falardeau

Administrative coordinator


“Thanks for making my life easier with my numbers!”


Caroline Faucher


B-612 turn

“From our initiation to the Collabox software, we saw the many possibilities that this software could offer for our business. Collabox allowed us to be organized as if we were a big company from the start. From the start, we could efficiently manage our projects and check in real time if everything was going as planned.The ease of use of Collabox, the integration of all the steps essential to the proper functioning of our company, regular training as well as The exemplary service we have at Collabox deserves to be highlighted because it allows us to save a lot of time. A big thank you!”

Annie giroux


Jean does everything inc


“I love the Collabox! I have a lot of fun managing all the projects, it’s efficient and professional. I am super happy with our decision. The Collabox has just breathed new life into our cooperative. Thank you for everything! ”

Anne-Marie Faucher, Ph.D . Archaeologist / Archaeobotanist

GAIA, archaeological work cooperative

“At Boost, the arrival of Collabox has greatly simplified management. To the point where, even in growth, we eliminated an administrative position. We automated several operations that we carried out by hand. We have really increased our administrative productivity. Information is centralized. We have a common agenda, linked to projects, service offers and invoicing. In business development, Collabox is at the heart of prospecting and reviving customers. In addition, Collabox has demonstrated great openness and ease in working with third-party suppliers, including geolocation and loyalty programs. With Collabox, we have a real integrated solution! ”

Philippe Lellbach CEO
Boost Consulting Group

“A huge thank you to the Collabox team, in just one call they understood all the specifications requested. The job was delivered on time and with no surprises, and nowadays it’s a real advantage to have this synergy. ”

Martin Paquette
President and founder

“1. Business empathy: you quickly understand what I want.
2. Technical competence: you deliver what you promise. A quality product at a competitive price.
3. Broad Related Knowledge: A wealth of useful and quality information in related fields.
4. Transparency: the relationship is frank and pleasant. In addition, the invoicing is clear. 5. Availability: always easy to talk to Francis or a programmer. ”

Marc Fabi

“Collabox has been for us the company that has served us both as a guide, as a foundation, as beacons for the development, launch, improvement and growth of our client and contract management.
It is the tool that we have custom-built according to our needs! This proximity facilitates teamwork and the structure necessary to manage our business in the best possible way. The challenge was immense and it was met with flying colors by their side. We have absolute confidence in their team and their services. A dynamic, competent team that is always in solution mode, when we find it, we keep it.
Thank you Collabox, we will be with you for a long time to come! ”

Jean-Philippe Fortin
Parent’s Life

“Unlike many of their competitors, the Collabox team is very attentive to its customers. She is not trying to push us products for their own gain. The solutions offered always correspond to the customer’s needs. “

Guy Hudon
LP Grenier lightning rods

“Your work this year has allowed Les Glaceurs to greatly improve its organization, productivity and customer service. It’s not nothing! I pass the comment to myself every day “But how did we do it before?” “Great projects await us in 2020 and I look forward to working on them with you.

Virginie morin

Ice Cream

“Collabox makes my administrative accounting tasks easier for me, a software to discover! In addition, it is Quebecois. ”


Julie perreault


FlamencoSi Julie Perreault

Maison Chrysler

“I like Collabox’s ease of use, its very strong” user friendly “aspect, the ease of integrating our data and the support given to the user.

Thanks to the Collabox team.


Gilles Richard

Service Director

Chrysler House

“Collabox is intuitive! We quickly understand what the menus and functions are for. Once familiar with the large sections, a child could operate the software. ”

Jo Anne Labrecque
Administrative director

“I have been using Collabox for several years for the timesheet as well as the accounting and I am always satisfied. It is an easy and simple to use application. The team behind Collabox adapts to our needs, is available and quick to answer our questions. Very good personalized service. I recommend it to everyone. The icing on the sundae… they are super nice and what’s more, it’s a Quebec product. ”

Karine Falco
Karine Falco infographic

“What I like most about Collabox are the project management tools, but also the service offered by Francis. His relationship with clients is unique. It is oriented towards customers, human contact. I take my hat off to him! ”

Gabriel Michaud
First Collabox programmer
Today, Owner of

“From the first week, the timesheet and project management system made it possible to significantly improve the performance of project monitoring, and thus resolve certain monitoring problems in real time. Collabox is easy to implement. “

Jean Renaud, ing.
Paradesign concept

“In business, we all have various suppliers on whom we must rely… But beyond service and professionalism, there is people! Francis Masse, the mastermind behind the exceptional Collabox management tool, is such a jovial and likeable guy that we have even developed a great fellowship over the years. Since I only use a tiny portion of the multiple ingenious possibilities of Collabox, I sometimes communicate with Francis so that he pushes me to make more use of the tools he puts at my disposal. And each time, they are memorable moments, playful moments, filled with sincere laughter and cordial teasing. I am a subscriber for life to this guy, subscribed to his knowledge, his undeniable intelligence and his angelic patience. Because, not only does he always have your questions answered, but he also treats you like his most important customer! Thanks Francis ! You and your team are champions  ! ”

Patrick Gosselin
Force-G Communication

”  Collabox is great! We use it for sales, project management, clients, invoices, timesheets and more. We have been using it for over 10 years and we are very satisfied. The products are effective and easy to use. They are very suited to the reality of businesses and the modern world.  Thank you Collabox.  ”


Raphael Lambert

Vice-president environment

Geos Group

Collabox et Umanis

“Being a long-time user, it is easy to say that a work tool like Collabox becomes the solution to facilitate and simplify the task of any business, small or large. No more Excel tables or Word documents in which it is easy to get lost, lose information and also time. In addition, modeled after the team, the software is easy to approach, friendly and available.

Question of being “cliché” by finishing, I would say that to try Collabox, it is to adopt it! Thanks to the whole team.”

Jean-Francois Dumas



Comos traiteur

“Thank you for carrying the orders from our website directly into our Collabox. A few minutes in the morning and everything is validated, put into production, invoiced. Wow! I save a lot of time. Thank you. What service! ”

Julie Soucy and Jack Talbot
Cosmos Catering