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This document was last updated on October 22, 2001.

Francis Masse

Collabox.com is committed to providing you with powerful tools for managing your business online in a secure and private manner. In order to personalize our service, we need some of your information. The objective of our confidentiality policy is to describe the type of information that we collect and how it is used. Thank you for placing your confidence in Collabox.com.

1. Information Collected

1.1 Personal Information
The term “personal information” applies to information that concerns you personally. The personal information that Collabox.com collects about its clients includes first name, family name, e-mail address, and telephone number, and also your clients’ name and working time. This information is collected when you register online, when you use our tools, when you make a request for information, or when you execute a transaction.

1.2 Non-Identifying Information
The term « non-identifying information » applies to information that cannot identify a specific person. The non-identifying information that we may collect is, for instance :

  • Your IP Address
  • Your User Agent
  • Your Operation System (OS)
  • The domain through which you access the Internet
  • The Web site through which you transited in order to reach our Web site (Referring Site)

1.3 Cookies
« Cookies » are small files that are created by your User Agent as a result of the server’s request due to your visit on Collabox.com. They contain information that facilitate online navigation. A cookie cannot, whatsoever, read any of your hard-disk information nor can it detect any other Web site’s cookies. It is possible for you to block the creation of cookies by your User Agent, but note that in this case you will not have access to Collabox.com tools.

2. Usage and Disclosure of Personal Information

The personal information that we collect is strictly used for responding to your requests in a personalized manner, to ensure a future interaction with you, improve the services of Collabox.com, process transactions and effectively communicate with you. We may also use your personal information in order to send you communications based on your interests, either electronically or otherwise.

Collabox is committed to never disclose personal information to any third party organization, private or public, without a prior consent, except in cases required or permissible by law.

3. Usage and Disclosure of Non-Identifying Information

Collabox uses non-identifying information in order to diagnose the traffic on its own servers and to evaluate the effectiveness of the content that’s made available on its Web site. We regularly analyse the Web site’s traffic in order to gain a better understanding of the needs of our visitors and of our clients. We therefore analyse the behaviours of the visitors and the users, their preferences, their interests, etc.

We use cookies in order to save your « identifier » (personal code that identifies you) and to verify the identity of the visitors. Cookies contain, for example, your user code. Cookies are also used to authenticate a session, which eliminates the need to ask for your password every time you transit from one page to another.

4. Security

Collabox.com applies renowned e-commerce methods to protect the confidentiality of personal information. The access to personal information is limited to those employees who need it for legitimate business purposes. The data is stored on servers that are protected by passwords. The access to these servers is strictly limited to authorized personnel only. All personnel and executives of Collabox.com having access to personal information have been informed about the contents of this confidentiality and privacy policy, as well as the company’s practices with regards to privacy.

Finally, we remind you that you also have an important role in protecting your own personal information, since nobody can modify them without your “identifier” and password; we therefore suggest that you never disclose them to anyone else.

4.1 Authentication Certificate
To guarantee the integrity of your personal information and ensure its confidentiality, Collabox.com uses technological protection features such as passwords and an authentication certificate (SSL). We suggest that you verify the validity of our certificate for yourself..

5. Access to your Personal Information

You have the right to access, at any time, all of the personal information that has been collected by Collabox.com, to consult it, or to change it. To help us to maintain your personal information up to date, we encourage you to correct as often as necessary any inaccuracies or errors that may occur. To access or modify your personal information, you only need to open a session in the online tool and to go to section “My preferences”. You can also communicate with us by electronic mail.

6. Updates to the Current Policy

Collabox.com will occasionally need to revise the present confidentiality policy. Following any modification, the date appearing at the top of this page will consequently be updated.

7. Questions or Complaints

Your comments, questions, or complaints related the present confidentiality policy can be sent to privacy@collabox.com.

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