A CRM is a tool for customer relationship management ( Customer Relationship Management ).

Its main objective is to allow you to use different tools to develop customers and retain customers in an efficient and simple way.

Collabox CRM allows, among other things, to obtain the famous “sales funnel” by feeding it with all the information necessary for the management of the customer relationship and the sales activities in your organization.


How many sales do you have in your funnel?

What are your salespeople’s activities for the next month?

Manage your customer relationships and sales quickly and efficiently


The Collabox CRM is your cheat sheet as well as your dynamic database. Over the years, you will accumulate a real story about your relationships with your customers. Moreover, he contains all the functions you need to manage sales and collaborate with your coworkers.

  • AGENDA  You can note all your follow-up dates in addition to your appointments
  • HISTORICAL solicitation: get all the communications and actions carried out with your customers and prospects
  • OPPORTUNITIES : it’s your sales funnel that contains all your business opportunities at a glance
  • SALES PROJECTIONS :  do you want to know how many sales your salespeople will make in the next few months? 
  • DASHBOARD:  This tool allows you to follow your sales either by product or by service to subsequently analyze your sales performance in relation to your objectives.
Tableau des opportunités CRM Collabox

The opportunities table, the famous sales tunnel 

Track all your sales activities in real time

Use this powerful board and customizable in which you can “ click and drag »And bring to life your business opportunities linked to amounts in real time, by customer, by product or by service sold.

Customizable by you directly in your Collabox: colors, expressions, types of products and services sold.

A complete, dynamic and motivating tool for all!

The list of follow-up dates

Do not miss all the opportunities to communicate at the right time with all your prospects and customers in order to optimize the development of your sales and your customer service.

Blue, you have time

Red, you’re late!

Easy, friendly, accessible at all times.

The solicitation history

This function allows you to consult the entire history of your solicitation actions, client by client, and is the perfect reminder.

  • All the dates of your meetings and your telephone conversations
  • Customer comments or questions or yours!
  • The sending of information to be made (documents, emails, etc.)

Your memory will thank you!

Rapport de projections

The projection table

Get an overview with graphs on the  closing rate displayed either in number of proposals , or in silver.

In addition, get statistics by customer type .

All this valuable data will optimize your sales actions. In addition, the list of proposals makes it possible to check and validate these results.

The sales activity report

This report allows you to follow the actions of your sellers on a weekly basis, by type of activity or by prospects.

It is a powerful tool that gives you the information you need to support your team and direct their efforts.


Depending on your needs, you can obtain results tracking tables by product or by customer.

These tables allow you to have all the information in hand in order to make the right business decisions.

SMS alerts and notifications

We have created a system using SMS which allows you to receive alerts and notifications in real time.

Appointments, projects, tasks, file follow-ups, dinners, team meetings, dentist appointments, your children’s soccer games or yours … When you have to juggle all of this, you have to be a real pro from the agenda. Our alerts help you remember nothing.
Did you know that you can receive notifications from Collabox for several features?

Do you want to implement a CRM to structure your sales activities?
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