Types of users


The super user

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The super user is usually the trusted person in your company who manages the Collabox account for all employees or external users, like the accountant. They have the power to give special rights and access to certain people.

However, the super user can also designate management consultants or outsourcing sales managers, for example. These sometimes work for several companies and require special access rights in accounts that do not belong to them.

With the super user option, they can log in as another employee, but without their login information. It’s practically magic!

Operation of the super user option

The super user finds in his left sidebar a special clickable link, similar to a master key.

In our example, Coralie is a super user. So, when you click on her super user access link, you can see the three accounts that she can visit with her privileges. Let’s say she wants to connect to Bastien’s account. All she has to do is click on “Connection” in the right column.


Coralie is automatically transported to Bastien’s Collabox account. She then enjoys the same privileges as Bastien. She must therefore be careful since it is easy to make the wrong account and thus make changes in her colleague’s Collabox.

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