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Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks
This section presents several tips and tricks to help you optimize the use of your Collabox.


Super users

By Tips and tricks, Types of users

Some of our customers have unique requirements when it comes to the functionality of their Collabox. These sometimes work for several companies and require special access rights in accounts that do not belong to them. This is how the super user function was born.

This name designates a few users (such as management consultants or outsourcing sales managers) who have access to several companies. They can therefore log in as another user without having their login information. It’s practically magic!

The super user finds in his left sidebar a special clickable link, similar to a master key.

In our example, Coralie is a super user. So, when you click on her super user access link, you can see the three accounts that she can visit with her privileges. Let’s say she wants to connect to Bastien’s account. All she has to do is click on “Connection” in the right column.


Coralie is automatically transported to Bastien’s Collabox account. She then enjoys the same privileges as Bastien. She must therefore be careful since it is easy to make the wrong account and thus make changes in her colleague’s Collabox.

If you are interested in this feature, contact us to discuss it !

PRESTODO – A tool to remember nothing

By PRESTODO, Tips and tricks

In order not to forget anything in your day, you work with lists and it is a good habit. However, it’s impractical when you lose the post-it or the sheet you wrote it on.

It’s there that comes to the rescue! Independent web page, it allows you to compile your “to-do list” directly on the web (and on mobile!). Accessible at all times, it is above all integrated directly into your Collabox, giving it extraordinary efficiency. The lost pieces of paper are a story of the past.

To have access to PRESTODO, just use your Collabox access. Identify yourself as you would on and go! You do not have any? No problem, you can have a 30 day free trial.

Once identified, you can start your list by writing an item in the “Add a task” box. It’s a bit like making a grocery list, but with work-related tasks.

Did you complete a task? Just check it. It is not more complicated! It will then appear in the completed tasks area.

Some customization options are also available to you. By clicking on a task, you can modify it, indicate a due date (very practical to prioritize ) , write notes, classify it in categories (you have to navigate it anyway) and assign colleagues to it (unless it is your grocery list)

These customization options are possible thanks to the link with your Collabox. Click on the tab below to understand how the two work together.

PRESTODO and Collabox, a fabulous team

The reason why PRESTODO works so well is because it is integrated with Collabox. Thus, by using it, Collabox automatically creates a project for your organization named “PRESTODO”.

This is where all the created tasks are found IF they are not associated with a category. By creating a category, it will become an independent project associated with your organization with a PRESTODO mention in brackets, as can be seen in the example below.

Can’t see your PRESTODO job listed? Change the due date from the drop-down menu. Automatically, the application selects the next day 9 a.m. as the deadline.

PRESTODO est en constante évolution et nous apprécions vos commentaires/suggestions ( 

How to change password

By Password and username, Tips and tricks

We present in this article three ways to change your Collabox password.

  1. My preferences
  2. Configuration by an administrator
  3. Link on the home page

1. My preferences

This procedure allows you to change your password.

Once connected to your Collabox, click on the tab My preferences , located in the left menu.

Tab My preferences under the module Preferences

Then go to the tab Change your password .

Page My preferences, tab Info

Enter your new password and click on Record .

Tab Change your password

2. Configuration by an administrator

It is the administrator who can follow this procedure in order to change the password of a person on the team.

Click on the icon Configuration .

Icon C onfiguration , top menu

In the left menu, click on the tab Employees .

Left menu

You will fall on the page List of employees . Click on the employee whose password you want to change.

Page List of employees

You will have access to the file of the employee in question. Fill in the fields New Password and Confirmation (in this second field, you must rewrite the new password). Then, click on the button Record at the bottom of the page.

Page Update an employee

3. Link on the home page

On the page , click on the link Forgot your password , which you see in the following red box:

Collabox home page

You will be taken to the password recovery page. You can enter either your username or your email. This will allow us to email you to change your password. Then click on To send .

Password recovery page

Open message from in your inbox (make sure we are not in your spam emails) and click on the link. You will be redirected to a new page with a form to change your password. Enter your new password and click on To send .

Page with the form to change password

The following message will appear if your password is correctly changed: Modified password confirmation message

Beware of specialized software!

By Tips and tricks

Have you ever thought about buying specialized software? The president of Collabox, yes! And let me tell you, he won’t be doing it again anytime soon, given the disappointment his purchase caused him … This is why he wanted you to avoid making the same mistake as him by sharing his experience with you.

A few years ago, Francis Masse arrived at his parents’ home with a surprise that he thought would certainly please them. He brought them specialized gardening software, valued at $ 100, to help them with one of their favorite seasonal activities. However, this software which promised seas and worlds to gardeners had in fact only one function: that of creating a virtual garden with the desired dimensions. There was no way to predict how much production his parents would have that year, nor to calculate what it would cost them, or how much time they should plan from day 1 until the harvest. It was too much to ask for! This software that could have been described as “amateur” looked like this:

Software Image Sprout

It goes without saying that our president was not at all happy with his purchase! And he has to admit that even today, several companies offer specialized software with very limited functionality. Too limited. You must beware of it!

Do you need a timesheet for your business and the company Patron Pressé has created software specializing in timesheets? Maybe their timesheet is working fine. Maybe she’s visually pleasing. Maybe also it fills up quickly. But the day you need to keep track of hours for a project, will it? When your business has grown and you need to monitor task progress more closely, will it allow you to do so? To these questions, I regret to inform you that no.

Specialized software may seem like the right fit for your needs in the present moment, but there is a good chance that sooner or later its functionality will no longer meet the growing demands of your business.

This is why Francis Masse considers that there is nothing better than a complete software presenting several complementary modules, like Collabox. All functionalities are linked to the same system, which allows for single data entry and synchronization of your work. You certainly won’t be using all of Collabox’s features, but they will be there when you want them.

Email history

By Email history, Tips and tricks

Whether it’s invoices, service offers, or purchase orders, you send a ton of emails from Collabox. But sometimes it is difficult to know if the communication has gone well. This is where email history comes into play! This feature allows you to see all emails sent from Collabox, but especially if they have arrived at their destination. Indeed, this tool allows you to see which messages have been delivered successfully, those pending and those which have failed. That’s not all. The history even gives you the reason why the message did not reach its destination. 

It is important to specify that the email history presents an overview of emails sent from the Collabox, therefore emails from ALL the employees. So choose carefully the people who will receive this privilege. Usually, the latter is reserved for business leaders.

Configuring Email History

Before you can enjoy email history, you need to turn it on first. To do this, access the configuration module by clicking on “Configuration” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Then click on “Employees” in the sidebar.

Select the employee who will be able to access the email history.

Then click on the “Menus” tab.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page in the “Configuration” section and check the box for “Email history”. If the latter does not appear in the options, please contact us for us to add this option to your account. 

Once the option is activated in your account, it is very easy to access the email history. From anywhere in the Collabox, you can click on “Email History” in the sidebar, under the “Tools” section.

Then select the desired period to get your history. Note that if the function was not activated, no history was saved. You will have to wait to send new emails so that Collabox can follow up.

And There you go! So you see a history of the emails you sent from Collabox. These relate to service offers, purchase orders, invoices and all shipments made using Followmail.

New navigation bar

By Navigation, Tips and tricks

Here is Collabox’s new side navigation bar. The latter brings together all your options, but with a new, more ergonomic display.

Each section can fall back on itself to allow you to choose the information displayed.

We have also added a new search function. You can therefore enter keywords in the bar above the calendar to start the search. Collabox will then present to you the result of its search, classified by category. These separate your results according to the different Collabox modules such as timesheet, contacts, service offer, etc.

Configure your Collabox – Basic actions

By Configure your Collabox, Tips and tricks

Configure your Collabox – Basic actions

This section shows you the first steps to configure your Collabox.

Remember, if you have any questions along the way, we’re here!

Put the Collabox in your colors and logo

Choose your shortcuts

  • To be effective, you can indicate all shortcuts that you will use regularly.
  • They will always be located on the left at the top of your menu, so it’s quick, no more searching!

Enter information about your company

  • Indicate general information in the – tab INFO- of the Organization (it’s you!) —- in the menu (down) —-
  • This information will be used later to make your quotes (service offer), your invoicing.

Enter a customer and a contact

  • For Collabox, a customer is a company and a contact is the person that you know in this business.
  • This sheet is your main key to doing all your customer follow-ups in terms of sales, tasks, projects, quotes and accounting operations.

Familiarize yourself with the Timesheet

  • client-project-tasks
  • time spent on the task = beginning end
  • disbursements (restaurant, parking, mileage) – if necessary
  • take a picture with your cell phone, your restaurant receipt or your parking coupon and insert it in the “SUPPORTING DOCUMENT” field

Discover the calendar

In this calendar there are appointments and tasks, according to the desired display

  • The display of families allows you to select or deselect types of tasks or appointments in order to have a better overview
  • You see the red frame ? This is the display information that you can select to your liking / appointment only or tasks only
  • If you work in a team, you can display the calendars of your colleagues (according to the already pre-established accesses). No more … endless emails to schedule a meeting!

Make a Collabox shortcut for Android

By Collabox application, Tips and tricks

On Android, it is possible to add an icon pointing to Collabox directly on your home page.

The best way to do this is to use Google Chrome as your browser.

1. Open Chrome, then go to to create the shortcut.

2. Open the menu (the three small dots at the top right of the page) then click on “Add to the home screen” A dialog box will then appear, and you can change the title if necessary. of your shortcut.

3. Click on “Validate”, and you will have created a tab on your home page which will allow you to directly access Collabox!

Now all you need to do is tap this new icon to open Collabox in Chrome.

To be able to consult all the information of your Collabox account in real time.

Documentary resource

By Collabox blog, Tips and tricks

Software documentation resource to go further in using your Collabox.

Search the blog

So that you know how to blog effectively, we show you two ways to do an article search.

1. The search bar

To find a specific subject, use the search bar located under the yellow banner on the right.

Collabox blog

You can enter keywords in the search bar to see all the texts relating to the subject. In the example below, we have entered “contact” and all that remains is to click on the little red magnifying glass to perform the search.

Search for an article with the blog search bar

Once you’ve searched, the page will show you blog posts that contain the keyword (s).

Blog search results

2. The main menu

Recently, we created a main menu to navigate through the blog and find articles related to a specific category. The menu comes in several categories and subcategories, all of which are clickable.

Main blog menu

For example, you can click on the category Accounting , and all items related to its subcategories (invoicing, suppliers, products, audits, statement of account, taxes and income statement) will appear one below the other. Likewise, if you click Payments , only the articles related to the installments will be displayed, since there is no sub-category to Payments .

Do not hesitate to explore the blog and to suggest topics of articles that would be useful to you!

Manage registrations with Collabox

By Manage registrations, Tips and tricks

Do you offer courses, training or workshops? We have found a simple and effective way that saves you a lot of time! The Collabox team has set up an extension of its software to manage registrations for events with its invoicing. Taking the form of a web page that you can add to your site. The beauty of this page is that it allows you to collect the registration information of the participants in your training as well as its payment information. The first part of the file (Name, address, city, postal code and email) is used to create the customer file. Collabox is responsible for automatically creating an invoice by multiplying the price of the training according to the number of registrations. The total will be compiled and the payment information will be linked to the invoice. So you have invoices ready to be sent with a list of all the people registered, isn’t that wonderful?

The magic of it all? The form is still valid and usable!

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.34.01Indeed, the small drop-down menu containing the dates of the conferences is directly linked to your Collabox. These events correspond to projects that you have created. For the project to be displayed correctly in the menu, however, it must be given a precise designation, “Registration” in the project update page.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.41.05
Thus, the menu is automatically updated when a new project is added in this category. No modification to the form required!

As for the total number of registrations, we have thought of everything. Each new entry is added as a sub-project of the main project. Thus, by displaying the tree structure of the project, we can see the number of registrants.

Thanks to Julie Tremblay from Enipso for allowing us to use her example for this presentation.

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