The module to optimize your business operations

The timesheet allows you to enter the time invested for current projects in a precise way in addition to being user-friendly.
You get the time spent on a CLIENT and a PROJECT and a SERVICE, a TASK in addition to being able to do it per EMPLOYEE.

You can also enter NOTES and COMMENTS in addition to choosing the duration of 15 minutes or 2 hours or 3 days.

The mobile timesheet is also available for those who are not physically in the office.

We also offer two other modules which are closely linked to the timesheet:
The module: Agenda (or calendar)
Appointments and meetings or meetings. Leave and planned absences in addition to the due dates of your tasks and projects

This module allows you to efficiently manage time by having an overview over the day or the week or the month and the quarter or for a specific period.
Want to plan a business meeting with colleagues? It’s easy with the collective agenda so the many endless email exchanges to find out about availability are over.

You save time!
The module: Contacts
When you have a lot of contacts, it is certain that a management tool is invaluable. At Collabox, we have understood this for 20 years.

You can keep all important customer and associated contact data in one place.
You quickly get follow-up dates or birthdays in addition to the conversation history as well as the type of intervention in progress and much more.

Movable timesheet

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After the new display of contacts on cell phone, we continue and we optimize the timesheet. Indeed, it has had a makeover when you are on your cell phone. On the road, in a restaurant or in a meeting, it has never been easier to enter your hours into the timesheet. Gone are the days when you forget to keep track of your hours, Collabox takes care of it for you.

Geolocated timesheet

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A new feature has just appeared in the Collabox  : the geolocation of the timesheet! This addition allows you to know where your employees enter their hours. This control tool is very useful to know if  the little latecomer from the office still between his hours on the bus or at the office. 

How to activate or deactivate geolocation?

Whether you want to enable or disable this option for your organization, the path is the same, you will only have to check the box or not. To do this, you must display the settings of the organization by clicking on “Organization”.


To activate the function, all you have to do is check the “Geolocation of timesheets” box. However, don’t forget to save the changes!

Do you want to consult the geolocation data of your employees? Nothing could be simpler, since the report by employees tells you so. We even thought about giving you a Google Maps link to view the entries on a map. 

To access the report, you must first click on the “Reports” icon in the navigation bar at the top of the page. 

Then you must at least choose an option in the category “Report by employees” like “Include details of hours” in the example below. Don’t forget to check “Include geolocation”! 


Here is an example of an employee report of timesheet entries. As you can see in the right column, entries with geolocation have a location link.

If you click on the link, you will see the position where the entry was made on the map.


Types of timesheets

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Collabox offers you the possibility to choose between 4 types of timesheets:

  1. Standard timesheet
  2. Techno timesheet
  3. Weekly timesheet
  4. Express timesheet

We offer you a quick overview of their different characteristics so that you find your favorite.

1. The standard timesheet

This timesheet is designed for people who like to stick with their habits. Its design is reminiscent of traditional timesheets, while offering the advantages of digital. Detail your different tasks there! Take a tour of the standard timesheet

Example of a standard timesheet

2. The techno timesheet

This timesheet template features a new “drag and drop” design that will appeal to techies. The more modern aesthetic of its new graphical interface retains all of the standard timesheet options you like and use.

Example of a techno timesheet (“click-and-drag” design)

3. The weekly timesheet

With this timesheet, enter your hours per week rather than per day. It is perfect for generalists who want to register tasks with large blocks of time. It is also ideal when working on a project where the steps do not need to be detailed.

Example of a weekly timesheet

4. The express timesheet

Although timesheets all complement each other on desktop or mobile, the express timesheet is best suited for the interface of phones. And as the name suggests, it complements itself very, very quickly. Fill it in just 3 clicks!

Note: At any time you can switch from the express timesheet to the detailed timesheet (standard or techno) by clicking on the blue link Detailed timesheet .

Express timesheet

See how to complete your express timesheet

The same day is already selected for you by default. To start your time recording, go to the first step with the button Following.

Express timesheet: home page

1) Select the project you worked on.

Express timesheet: project selection

2) Choose your service.

Express timesheet: choice of a service

3) Enter the number of hours worked. Don’t forget to save!

Express timesheet: registration of hours worked

You can then repeat these steps to list other projects you worked on during the day.
Note: The entries in the express timesheet will be concurrent in the standard or techno timesheets, that is, they will all start at midnight. This data conversion is perfect if you don’t need to know when or how long your employees have been working on a particular project.

Have you made your choice? Contact us to change your timesheet, we will be happy to tell you how to proceed!

Fill out your timesheets with the diary

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Timesheets and diary, two birds with one stone!

Kill two birds with one stone by entering your appointments in the calendar and in your timesheet simultaneously! Read on to find our pro tip and make the most of your time.

To get started, all you have to do is create an appointment in your calendar, as usual.

Page Adding an appointment

Save it. You will be automatically redirected to your calendar. Then click on your appointment as if you wanted to update it.

Collabox agenda

At the very bottom of the page, you will see the button Create a timesheet . Click on it.
* However, please note that you cannot create a timesheet for an appointment in the future. The event must absolutely be ended.

Page Updating an appointment

A page will open on your timesheet on the right day. All the information you have entered in the appointment form will be copied, including the comments.

Page Timesheet

The last step, but not the least: save your new timesheet entry and see how efficient you are!

Questions? Contact us !

Project: Vacation

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You don’t have a “Vacation” project? Do not worry. Follow these instructions to add it.

1- First click on “Organization” in the left side navigation bar.
2- Then, click on the “Projects” tab.

3- You must then update the project types by clicking on the link.

This page shows you all the types of projects in your organization.

To create a new one, click on “Add a project type”. Give the name “Vacation” to the project type and don’t forget to select the vacation option just at the bottom.

Disbursements and timesheet

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Do your employees travel to meet clients all over the place and collect expense invoices? Stop racking your brains, Collabox is designed to make your job easier. Indeed, you can transform your appointments into a timesheet entry and directly enter your expenses as well as the kilometers traveled. It’s super convenient because in addition, you can then collect them in a disbursement! To do this, you must first configure your employee’s account by following the instructions in the tab below.

Preliminary configurations

1. Creation of a new supplier

You must create a supplier on behalf of the employee who will generate expenses and mileage. To do this, click on the “Accounting” icon at the top of the navigation menu.

Then click on “Suppliers” in the left sidebar.

Finally, click on “Add a supplier”. Fill in the requested information and save the form.

2. Accounting settings

It is now necessary to configure the miscellaneous expenses that can be added to the mileage, for example food and parking. To do this, stay in the “Accounting” module and click on “Define types of expenses”.

Name some types of expenses, we suggest three common ones. Don’t be shy about borrowing them.

Next, you need to associate these types of expenses with budget items. Click on “Expenses and budget items” to get there.

Use the drop-down menus to make the association. Our example is for illustrative purposes only. You can borrow our choices from us, but you can choose others.

If you don’t have a budget item that matches your expense type, just add it. To get there, click “Budget items”.

Then, click on “Add a budget item” and fill in the information on the screen.

3. Employee settings

Go to “Configuration”.

Click on “Employees”.

And click on the employee who will be doing the trips.
You will need to change options in these four tabs. Let’s start with the first one, “Menus”.

You must ensure that the “Enter expenses” box is checked. Once done, we go to “Preferences”.

We check “Display the trip counter on the timesheet”. We continue to the “Advanced configuration”.

We must then associate your employee with their supplier account (which we created a little earlier). Once it’s done, we go to the “Rates” tab.

Here you have to configure the travel rate of your employee, i.e. what is the amount you reimburse your employee for  his displacement  and how much you sell it to customers. Click “Edit” to change these values. 

Enter the values you want. It is important to use the “.” (period) and not the “,” (comma) to enter the amounts.

Now that the configurations are done, you are ready to manage your travels. If you’re the type to grab  all your appointments in Collabox, you will be pampered since they can be transformed into a timesheet entry. 

When you click on your appointment in your calendar, navigate to the bottom of the page.

You have a series of button and options available to you. By clicking on “Create a timesheet”, your appointment will be calculated automatically in your timesheet.

You must then indicate the department to which you want to attach this entry. Then you can also enter your mileage and expenses incurred during this trip. By clicking on “Save”, the data is saved and appears in your timesheet.

In red you have the place taken by the appointment and in gray the entry of the timesheet that you have just created. 

Now that you have lots of expenses added to your timesheets, you are at the time to change them to disbursements. To easily spot them, we’ve created a comprehensive report.  To do this, first click on the “Reports” icon at the top of the page.
Then click on “Expense Report” in the left side menu.

Select the desired display period for the report. The latter will record and display all additional expenses as well as the mileage carried out by your employees. You can also select a specific employee as in the example below. Then click on “View report”.

The report then shows you all mileage entries and expenses  entered in the timesheet. Select the ones you want to put in the payout.

WARNING! Be certain of your selection because it is not possible to reverse the transformation into disbursement.

Once the selection is complete, click on “Create disbursements”. 

You will be automatically redirected to your disbursement list and see your new disbursements on behalf of your employees. If you have selected entries from more than one employee, Collabox will separate the expenses automatically for each employee. You will then have as many disbursements created as employees having fulfilled expenses.
If you click on the disbursement, you will be able to see which expenses you selected with their amounts. However, if you have added expenses and mileage, you cannot discern them when turned into disbursement.

Bank of accumulated hours

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Do you have trouble keeping track of your employees’ overtime hours? Collabox can help you with its bank of accumulable hours. You just have to determine the typical schedule for each of your employees and the timesheet does the rest. Indeed, when your employees enter their information in the timesheet, Collabox is able to deduct the total made and if it exceeds the usual schedule.

How do I configure an employee’s schedule?

Click on the “Configuration” icon in the navigation bar.

Then click on “Employees” in the left sidebar.

Choose the employee whose schedule you want to modify / view.

Click on the “Schedule” tab.

Finally, enter the days and hours worked. Do not forget to configure the bank of hours. You must enter the date of the start of the calculation of the bank of hours (generally associated with the start of the hiring of the employee) or the number of hours accumulated on the selected date (if you do not take the date of hiring). If you limit the number of hours that can be accumulated, indicate it in the specified place. Don’t forget to save your changes. You must complete these steps for each of your employees.

Once you have saved the changes, a detailed report will be generated automatically with hours worked, surpluses, etc.

Parking meter

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Our parking meter allows employees on the road or working outside the company to easily enter their time. It is easy to use on a smartphone or tablet.

The parking meter without time entered

The time stamp when you punch your time.

The report that allows you to count the hours by employees or departments

The parking meter is available by monthly subscription. The cost is per user.

Contact us if you wish to subscribe: 418 907-9274, ext. 120

Speed up the capture of your days

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Two new buttons have appeared in the timesheet. The first “Copy previous day” allows you to copy the day from the previous day to your timesheet today. Obviously the day before a Monday, it’s Friday! This feature is designed to make your life easier: it copies the entry and project selections, start times, end times and comments from all of the time entries from the previous day. Efficient and easy to modify the new entries are normal entries, which can be modified or deleted without consequence. Perfect for accountants on one-week assignments, or for those returning from a 2-week vacation. In 10 clicks, he can update his timesheet.

Two conditions must be met to see this button appear under the timesheet comments: 1- have timesheet entries entered the day before and 2- not have entered any entries in your timesheet for today. hui.

The second button “Duplicate this entry”, copies in the same day, a time entry (project – service – comment). An example of use: 2 working sessions on the same project on the same day: select the entry (the little bar will turn red), the “Duplicate this entry” button will appear under the note:

The mischievous timesheet

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Did you know that it is possible to view your employees’ timesheets incognito? You can even make changes to it. The timesheets you have access to appear in a small drop-down menu right next to yours.

Sneaky Timesheet1

So you can look at your employee’s timesheet, see what they’re working on and when they take their breaks. NOTE the wallpaper which is now gray and not white. This is to remind you that you are not on your timesheet.

Sneaky Timesheet6

The process for accessing an employee’s timesheet is simple. You just have to follow the next few steps.

How to set up your employees' timesheet

You must first open the “Configuration” menu by clicking on its icon in the top menu bar.
Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 10.07.18
Then, we must access the list of employees which is located in the left sidebar.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 08.55.50
By clicking on the name of an employee, you will open his file. You must then go to the “Advanced configuration” tab.Sneaky Timesheet4

Finally, select the employee (s) who will have access to the timesheet. If you want to be the only one to have it, you just have to check your name in the list.

Sneaky Timesheet5

And There you go! It was easy, right? Now you can access your employees’ timesheet without their knowledge to keep track of.