Sick vacation

Vacation and sickness
The Collabox offers you all the functions to manage vacation periods and sick leave.

Vacation management

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Here you will find a summary of the different options available for managing your company’s vacation time.

The first option is to determine how you want to manage your vacation. In other words, when your employees go on vacation, do you want them to enter the hours into a project or as a service? Do you see this position as a project or a service? There is no wrong answer to this choice, these are two valid classification modes.

You must first access the organization preferences by clicking on “Organization” in the left sidebar.

Once in the organization’s file, under the “Info” tab you will have a small drop-down menu offering you the possibility to choose between project or service. Select the one you want and click “Save”.vacation

Well, that’s it! You can change your choice at any time by returning to this menu. However, don’t forget to create “Holiday” projects or services in the appropriate configuration menu, otherwise your efforts will be for nothing.


In a few months, you will like to know the vacation balance of your employees. To achieve this, we have put together a nice report that allows you to consult all this information quickly. To access it, you must first click on “Reports” in the top navigation menu.

Then, located in the side menu bar, click on “Vacation – Sickness”.

You now have access to a few options for viewing the vacation report. Choose what you want and click on “View report”.


The displayed report takes into consideration the percentage of vacation, the hours worked, but also the vacation used. You are now ready for summer. No more unnecessary stress of managing the vacations as the weather approaches.screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-08-51-21

Configure vacation percentages

To be able to calculate the vacation, Collabox needs you to tell it the amount of vacation to which the employee is entitled. In Quebec, the Commission des normes, de l’énergie, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail has established very specific rules regarding vacations based on the number of years worked by the employee. You can refer to their guide by clicking here. Once you have the right percentage, navigate to your employee’s file by clicking on “Configuration” in the top navigation bar.

Then click on “Employees” in the left bar.

Choose the employee to edit. Once in its file, click on the “Rate” tab.


Finally, add the percentage and the effective date. If the employee already had accumulated vacation before the chosen date, you can also add them.


If you want your employees to enter their vacation time in Collabox, see the article Fill out your vacation timesheet in order to know the procedure.

Vacation Project

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To help you better manage your employees’ vacations, Collabox is there for you. Just create a project called “Holidays”. Employees will be able to use it from their timesheet or agenda to request time off.

Initial configuration

First, click on the “Organization” menu in the left sidebar.

Preference menu and selection of the organization option

Then click on the “Projects” tab to access the project customization features.

Selecting the Project tab in the organization update to set up a vacation project

You must then update the project types by clicking on the link of the same name. This page shows you all the types of projects in your organization. Make sure you find a “Holiday” type...

Create a vacation project

Now create a project normally. Go to the list of projects and add one.

Give the name “Holiday” to the new project and don’t forget to select the project type of the same name.

There are other options in this “Project” tab, if needed. It is recommended to create a vacation project every year.

Configure time banks

Configure the time banks of your employees via the Employee File under the main menu “Configuration”. They will be very useful for vacation management. You can add the hours accumulated in the assignment by employee on the project Vacation. This way, you’ll see if an employee exceeds their accrued vacation time!

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Bank of accumulated hours

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Are you having trouble keeping track of your employees’ overtime? Collabox offers you a bank of accumulable hours. Determine thetypical schedule for each of your employees and the timesheet does the rest! In fact, when your employees enter their information in the timesheet, Collabox is able to deduce the total hours worked and if they exceed the usual schedule.


How do I configure an employee’s schedule?

Click on the “Configuration” icon in the navigation bar.

Then click on “Employees” in the left sidebar.

Select the employee whose schedule you wish to modify/consult to add the bank of accruable hours.

Click on the “Schedule” tab.

Finally, enter the days and hours worked. Do not forget to configure the bank of hours. You must enter the date of the start of the calculation of the bank of hours (generally associated with the start of the hiring of the employee) or the number of hours accumulated on the selected date (if you do not take the date of hiring). If you limit the number of hours that can be accumulated, indicate it in the specified place. Don’t forget to save your changes. You must complete these steps for each of your employees.

Once you have saved the changes, a detailed report will be generated automatically with hours worked, surpluses, etc.

HR reports

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In your Collabox, there are several HR reports to manage vacation, sickness, vacations, banked “health” hours and regular employee time banks.

These reports are available for managers or for the employee only. Access can be personalized as needed.

HR Reports: Sick Leave

In your top menu, choose the Reports option

Then, from the left-hand menu, select the Health Vacation Report

Then, choose a specific time period to display the desired data. You will get the following report.

Time bank and sick leave report

This HR report is useful to have at a glance the information related to the hours entered by your employees’ timesheets.

Report – Time Bank

The Time Bank report allows you to see all the hours that your employees have put in their time bank through the timesheet.

First, return to the main Reports menu.

Then, in the left-hand menu, selectthe Hour Bank report. You will get the following report.

hour bank report

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Fill out your vacation timesheet

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Vacation time is fast approaching. If you want (or have to!) Enter your vacation into your timesheet, why not go ahead and enter it before you take time off

Configuration of future date entry

Every employee can easily access this function. But first, a little setup is in order!

First, select “Organization” from the Preferences tab in the main menu at the bottom left of your screen.

.Location of the


Among the options available to you, choose the “Info” tab.


View of the "Info" menu


Then, please select the option “Allow time sheets to be filled in for future dates”. That’s it!


Check box

Ajouter ses vacances dans la feuille de temps

Visit your timesheet. By default, when you visit this section, you are shown the timesheet for the current day.

In the top left corner of your screen, you can select the date you want to start your vacation. Then fill out your time sheet accordingly. Proceed in the same way to fill the other days.

Copier la journée précédente

Une autre façon, beaucoup plus rapide, de saisir les journées de vacances supplémentaires est d’utiliser la fonction “Copier la journée précédente” dans votre feuille de temps. Cette fonctionnalité est pensée pour vous faciliter la vie : elle copie l’entrée et les sélections des projets, heures de début, heure de fin et commentaires de toutes les entrées de temps de la veille. C’est parfait pour l’ajout des vacances! Efficaces et faciles à modifier au besoin, les nouvelles entrées se modifient ou se suppriment sans conséquence. Parfait pour les comptables en missions d’une semaine, ou pour celui qui revient de 2 semaines de vacances. En quelques clics, il peut mettre à jour sa feuille de temps. Si vous êtes gestionnaire, vous aimeriez sans doute lire l’article La gestion des vacances pour mieux planifier les vacances de vos employés avec Collabox.