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My shortcuts

By Configuration, Configure your Collabox, Shortcuts

Have you ever noticed the section My shortcuts in the left menu of your Collabox? We created it so that you can customize it however you want and add the shortcuts that are useful to you. Want to give it a try?

Click on My shortcuts under the tab Preferences from the left menu.

Left menu in Collabox

Check the items you want to appear in your shortcuts, then click Record.
To remove items from your shortcuts, simply uncheck them in this same list.

Page My shortcuts

You will immediately see the elements that you have added in your shortcuts to the left menu.
Note: This menu of your shortcuts remains visible at all times on all Collabox pages.

Page My shortcuts after updating the shortcuts

When you click on one of the shortcuts, you are taken directly to the correct page. If we take the example of the production calendar, the shortcut link will take you precisely to your calendar which displays the project deadlines.

Example of production schedule

This way, you will have 1-click access to the modules you use the most! When we talk about saving time, that makes quite a difference!

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