Seller activities

Seller activities

The activities of your sales teams or yours must deserve all the tools to be effective in addition to being efficient.

Collabox provide you with reports by salesperson in addition to projection reports as well as contact lists to follow sales activities in real time.

You can also consult this information in the form of tables to allow you to have an accurate portrait of the sales activities of the members of your teams or yours!

Vendor Activity Report

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Collabox offers you the best tool for monitoring your salespeople’s activity: the “Salesperson Activity Report”.

This allows you to view the interventions made by your salespeople to customers. So you can keep an eye on the work of your employees with just a few clicks.

Create a sales activity report

To access the report, you must first click on “Reports” in the top menu bar.

Then, in the left navigation bar, click on “Sales activities”.



Once on this page, select the report options starting with the desired time interval for the report display.

Two types of report can be generated. The first, the intervention report summarizes all the interactions in the given period, regardless of the seller. It is therefore a good summary of your different projects. You can classify them by type of intervention or by contact.

Do your salespeople have the annoying habit of not checking off any type of intervention with their comments? That time is over! You can “force” this option in your vendor’s employee record. To do so, you must first click on “Configuration” in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Then click on “Employees” and select the employee to whom you want to add this option.


Once on the employee’s page, click on the “Preferences” tab.


Finally, make sure that the box “Require the selection of a type of intervention when entering a comment” is checked.


Simply repeat these steps for all employees to whom you want to force this option.

The second one, the activity report, presents the actions taken by the vendors with their comments. It is also possible to display the comments related to the timesheet entries by selecting the “Timesheet comments” option in the Activity report section.

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