Report of work in progress

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The work in progress report allows you to quickly view all of your billable projects by transaction (timesheets) with their status. Not only will you see the tracking of amounts in real time, but you will be able to see the percentage of hours completed.

This will allow you to manage your business well. It requires the use of several ERP (enterprise resource planning) functions of the Collabox.

Preliminary checks

To get the “real” numbers for your company, first make sure you have made the following entries for each project in Collabox:

  1. Service offerings
  2. Invoices
  3. Disbursed
  4. Time sheets

Also, make sure that the updates on the projects have been made and that the “billable by transaction” box is checked in the project form.

Produce the work in progress report

First, select the “Reports” menu.

Reports tab in the Collabox main menu.

Then click on the “Work in Progress Report” tab in the left grey menu.

Image showing where to find the access to the work in progress report in the left grey menu.

There are several filter options available to you for creating the report. Check the desired items and select options from the drop-down menus, if applicable. Transactions refer to the timesheet entries of your employees.

Work in progress report creation page with the different possible search filters.

The basic table generated by the Collabox looks like this.

Fictitious example of a table generated by the work in progress report.

Field description

The table produced in the report is divided by column. Each column is associated with a particular field. The first fields refer to the context of the project. First, see the client’s name, project number and name.

Excerpt from the first three columns, or first three fields, of the work in progress report. They contextualize the project with the client's name, project number and name.

The second portion of the table refers to the financial aspect of the project. It shows the expected amount of money from the service offering. The amount already invoiced to the customer is shown, as well as the amount still to be invoiced.

Progress refers to the percentage of completion handwritten by the employee in the project sheet. In turn, the calculated progress refers to the percentage of the planned money (fees, equipment, product, subcontracting, etc.) that is actually spent based on the information in the service offering.

Then comes the actual profitability of the project. The “Work in Progress” column refers to the amount of money worked but not yet invoiced. Be sure to update the percentage of progress on your projects to get a real time number. Finally, a quick glance at the “hours worked” field allows you to see the progress in hours of the project and to anticipate cost overruns before they occur!

Excerpt from the first line of the work in progress report table that mentions the names of the fields related to the monetary portion of the projects.

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Progress report

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Do you know the progress report?

It allows you to see at a glance which of your projects are doing well and which ones are on cost overrun. Save time by directly visualizing the progress of the project, the amount sold to the client and the total fees of your employees.

The report is practical and accessible, it only takes a few clicks and you’re done. Your projects are often in several phases as is the case in architecture or construction. We’ve thought of everything! The progress report becomes a valuable tool since it allows you to follow up by phase!

Configuration of the rate per employee

The progress report is soon at your fingertips, you must first check if an hourly rate has been assigned to your employees and meet certain conditions. Here’s how to do it. If you have already done so, continue reading below.

Configuring the hourly rate per employee

To do this, go to the configuration menu located at the top of the page.

Then you have to go and look for the “employees” section in the left sidebar.

You will then have a list of all the employees in your company. By clicking on a name, you will display the employee’s file. To consult its hourly rate, click on the “Hourly rate” tab.

This page shows you the hourly cost and selling rate for this employee. If no hourly rate is displayed, you must add it by clicking on “Add an hourly selling rate”. The amount of the selling fee is necessary in the calculation of the progress report. Without it, the report will not display. It is also possible to modify an hourly rate for an employee in the project page to indicate a special hourly rate only for this project.

View the progress report

Now that your employees have an assigned hourly rate, you are ready for the progress report. The instructions below tell you which sections to complete to display your progress report.

What to fill in to display a progress report?

Before you can view your progress reports, your projects must contain certain information.

  1. The amount sold: This is the amount you sold to your client for the entire project.
  2. Fees: Your employees should make timesheet entries AND record that they are working on the project. Otherwise, their time will not be counted on the project and the progress report will not be up to date. The hourly cost rate must be configured (see above).
  3. Progress status: When you are in the project file, you must indicate the level of progress of the latter in percentage.

Once the projects are completed with the necessary information, the next step is to display the report itself. You will see, it only takes five mouse clicks.

How do I view the progress report?

To display the progress report, you must first click on the “Reports” icon located in the top bar.

Once in the reports menu, you can find the “Progress report” option in the left navigation bar.

You can then choose the time period you want for the report to be displayed. Collabox will present you with the information of all the projects fulfilling the necessary conditions for the display report. It is also possible to choose the detail of a particular project by indicating it in the drop-down menu.

The progress report by phase

This type of report allows you to see the progress of a project and the costs incurred in fees versus the amount sold to the client. It also offers you the detail by phase of the project. Thus, it is possible to see which phases are in cost overrun.

For example: the salaries of employees who worked on plans and specifications and on contract administration and site supervision which may be the cause of the cost overrun on a project.

Watch several videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Blog to continue your Collabox configuration!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you. (418) 907-9274