Our key principles

Our key principles
At Collabox we have five key principles that have guided us for over 20 years. They are at the heart of the development of our software.

Single entry
Proven resources
Accumulation of expertise
An accessible team

The five key principles of Collabox

By About the Collabox, Our key principles

A great product is built on a great foundation. Collabox was designed on two main bases:

1.Our design team works in a single vision. On a daily basis, when the time comes to make decisions, we can ask ourselves whether we are respecting the main principles.

2.Our customers themselves must be able to participate in the development of “their” Collabox. Thus, iIt is about making known the guidelines that guide our actions, so that those who need them get the most out of who we are, from what we do.

These bases generated five key principles which made the success of the Collabox: single entry, personalization, proven resources, accumulation of expertise, an accessible team. As a bonus, a key double!

Key Principle 1 , Single entry:

Once the coordinates are entered in the Collabox , this information is automatically found in all modules: contacts, email, submission, invoice, acknowledgments, etc. Results: errors saved, time saved, increased profitability.

Collabox also has multiple “configurations” which increase the possibilities to adjust to the needs of the client: personalized form, new field, particular display order, configurable menus.

It seems too simple, and yet … How many clients have we “integrated” who, before knowing us, entered the contact details of their correspondents multiple times, who transcribed invoice numbers into another software, who rewrote lists of priority tasks? , which recounted in a new Excel file, etc.

In the Collabox , we do not duplicate the work. We consult, we export, we import, we update, but we do not re-enter! It’s easy to understand, but believe me, it’s harder to set up than you think. But at Collabox , we are fully committed to it. This principle is here to stay, and the benefits that we derive from it too: the time saved and the thoroughness and quality of the information.

Key Principle 2, The customization:

From now on, it is one of the key principles of Collabox. A principle emanating from the concern of our team to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Collabox can adjust to the particular needs of our client, marry its other computer systems. Our programming team masters all languages and knows how to configure Collabox to satisfy our customers. We work WITH our client to arrive at THE solution that fully satisfies him.

Thus, at Collabox , we decided that our tool would comply with your requests, would adjust to your needs.

Sometimes the solution exists in the tool itself: a personalized form, a field that the user adds himself, a controlled sorting, a specified display order, configurable menus. The Collabox is filled with “configurations” and preferences. These adjustments, available to the user or the administrator, resolve many situations.

Sometimes the tool needs a more specific helping hand. The structure of Collabox was designed to integrate custom programming without harming the systems of other users, without reducing the performance of the whole. This tailor-made programming, carried out by our team, is a fundamental characteristic of our product. Over the years, we have created unique inventory systems, tailor-made representations of the agenda, number of reports for specific needs of particular clients, etc.

Be warned: if you ask us, “Would it be feasible to …?” “, The answer will always be” Yes “.

Key Principle 3, Proven resources:

With Collabox, we innovate, but relying on proven resources. We do not experiment with the latest innovations with our customers: we use known, documented software that we master and which are widely supported.

Result: Collabox is a robust product that stands up to intensive use, responds every time and lasts over time. Some of our clients have been with us since 1998.

The world of information technology is a rapidly changing world and specialists often tend to overestimate the changes (improvements?) That are emerging in the short term.

Key Principle 4, Accumulation of expertise:

Over the years, over the course of setting up with clients, we are convinced that we have understood certain things, have solved certain basic problems, and have created effective solutions for very real business situations.

To the point where we believe that our tool is a repository of solutions, often ahead of our clients’ understanding of their own needs. In other words, the functionalities that our clients discover in our tool improve their knowledge of their own business process. We help build their vision of how they can operate in their businesses.

Key Principle 5, An accessible team:

In 1998, we realized that, given the multiplicity of software and media, “flawless” operation could no longer be guaranteed on our customers’ machines. The solution? The Internet: with your favorite browser, and consuming very little bandwidth, you can access your Collabox on a secure server.

You will never be totally stuck. You can access your Collabox account, work from a machine other than yours. From your iPhone itself, if you need it urgently (it’s still a small iPhone screen, but that’s where I record payments most of the time).


My name is Francis Masse. I am the president, founder and owner of Collabox. You can always join me. My email is on , my office phone is 418 907-9274, ext. 110.

And if you experience a really urgent situation, two solutions: call twice, in the same minute at 418 265-8722 (it’s my personal cell phone), we will understand that it is a great emergency and, all tasks ceasing, we we will take care of you. You can also write to (please keep this address for emergencies). We will then follow up as immediately as possible.

We have been providing this level of service for over 20 years. We have friends who find that we are giving too many favors. Maybe we’d be richer if we thought more traditionally, with service contracts, bank of support hours, and related billing. On this subject, the ultimate question is: “Are we overwhelmed?” ” The answer is no”. It is because Collabox is a system that works.