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New arrivals

What’s new in the software

For more than 20 years, we have been developing new functions and modules in addition to specific reports to meet the needs of our customers.

This section presents all the new features of Collabox available now for all users.

You will find new functions that will simplify your daily business life depending on the modules to which you are subscribed.

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Opportunity statuses

By New arrivals

Opportunity statuses are linked to your customer records. These opportunities will complement the qualifications to help you better manage your sales activities by showing you where to find the ripest fruit.

There are 3 main actions:

1. Create your opportunity status

2. Assign opportunity statuses to customers

3. Edit an opportunity status.

Create your opportunity statuses

You will be able to use the basic statuses that we have created for you, but we have also given you the possibility to create your own opportunity statuses so that they better fit your business. To use this new functionality, you will have to start by determining the number of statuses required, their respective names and the percentages to close (chances of obtaining the contract) that will be associated with them. To determine the opportunity statuses that you will use in your Collabox, click on the module Contacts .

‘opens in a new window) In the left menu, select Opportunity statuses .

To use the basic statuses, click on Add basic opportunity statuses , then on Okay .

The following statuses will appear on your page:

To create your own statutes, click on the menu Add an opportunity status. This will create your first status, or a new one, if applicable.
Note: If you have never created a status, you will come across a blank page with the menu at the top.

You just have to fill in the free fields and click on Record. Your first opportunity status is created! Repeat the previous step, followed by this one, to complete your status creation.
Note: The % to close that you determine in this section will correspond to a default value used in the Projections report sale to weight the sums of the contracts in tender. For example, if you made a bid of $ 25,000 to a client for whom you estimate the percentage of close at 75 %, the weighted income in the report will be $ 18,750.

Sales projections report

Here’s a look at one of those reports we mentioned earlier. It is presented to you with graphics, but also with the data written in tabular form.

One of the statuses no longer suits you? No problem! You can deactivate it at any time by selecting said status, then clicking on Deactivate.

Assign opportunity statuses to customers

Knowing how to create opportunity statuses is good, but you also have to use them! After having completed the creation of the statuses, you must go to your customer files to assign an opportunity status to each person.

In the module Contacts , click on Contacts list , then on the name of the person you are interested in.

You will enter this person’s file and automatically arrive in the tab Info . The first box on this tab includes the qualifications and the opportunities .
In the red box that you see, you can: indicate the title of the opportunity in the empty field; choose the opportunity status with the drop-down menu located just below; and select a submission.

Then you need to add a follow-up date , as you can see in the following red box. You will see, in the fields under the follow-up date, an estimate of what the customer is reporting to you based on the percentage granted to their opportunity status. This is also what is found in the Sales projections report .

Edit an opportunity status

When you want to change a customer’s opportunity status, you have two choices. You can make the change from the opportunities table, with its “drag and drop” formula, or go directly back to the client file.

To access the table, go to the tab Opportunity table .

You will see this table appear, offering you an overview of the progress of the files. You will see all of your customers based on their opportunity statuses. The table is sorted by date or by amount, depending on the option you choose. Each column corresponds to a status. It includes customers who share this same status, as well as a total of the weighted sums in the last row of the table.

To change the opportunity status of a customer, select the check box corresponding to the customer using your mouse. Hold down the left click while dragging the box to below the new status, then drop it to its new location. The new status will be saved in the table and in the customer file, and the color of the rectangle will automatically change.

Opportunity table

By New arrivals, Your CRM

Opportunity table

New for CRM users

Detailed sales funnel

Get more information about your business opportunities in your opportunity board.

To the right of your table, by clicking on the sales amount, it unfolds and you get at a glance the amounts related to the different phases related to your opportunity statuses

Vacation request and approval in the calendar

By Agenda, New arrivals

You can now create an appointment on a “vacation” type project which allows the employee to plan your vacation in addition to notifying his immediate supervisor so that he can approve his vacation.

Note: This box cannot be checked by anyone other than the employee’s immediate supervisor.
You cannot put more than one person on this type of meeting at a time.

When the “appointments” (vacation type) are created, the supervisor receives a warning email immediately which states: “Mr. Employee” has just created an agenda for his vacation.

Wording: You receive this email because you are his immediate supervisor and as such you must authorize his vacation .

A clickable link appears in the email: Click here to approve the appointment

When the immediate supervisor approves the request, the employee is notified by email.

Vacation approval is displayed in 2 places:

1- In the “appointment” form with a green checkmark including the date and the name of the superior who approved the vacation.

2-In the employee’s calendar by a green palm tree for approval and a black palm tree for pending approval

Good holidays!!

Collabox news

By Agenda, New arrivals

Module: Agenda


When you take notes in your Appointment form , the content is displayed in your Calendar … BUT if you don’t want them displayed you just have to uncheck the function: Content display and there you have it, the visual of your diary will automatically be less heavy.

Go ahead, take some notes now!



New theme: Collabox 2020

By New arrivals, Themes

We have a new theme for your Collabox.

Redesigned icons and different color themes that are easier to use.

Here is a model based on blue. But you can be creative. Are you black and white or burst colors? It’s your turn!

Here’s how to make your Collabox look like you.

1- In your left menu, at the bottom, click on “My preferences”.


2- In the -DISPLAY- tab select the theme: Collabox 2020

3- Subsequently in the tab – COLORS – START – choose the basic colors and then click on – BUILD MY COLORS .

4- You can adjust the colors of the different sections of the Collabox, according to your taste.

Procedures and documentation

By About the Collabox, Management, New arrivals


Do you know this collaboration tool?

A tool that allows you to save your work procedures, your organizational processes, as well as the documentation that you want to keep either to consult, archive or modify by another colleague. There are many possibilities available to you.

The tool “ Procedures and documentation “ allows you to write your procedures, step by step, to make categories, to place them in a specific order. It also allows documents to be linked to it for reference. Thanks to a management of access rights that you do yourself, your colleagues can consult or modify, add and update this information. You can also archive documents in different formats: images (jpeg, png), PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

This new tool is offered to you as a monthly subscription. Contact us if you wish to subscribe.

Here is an example in the NOVA INC account – our demo account
Procedures and documentation
Here is an example of categories in the NOVA INC account – our demo account

Note the suspended credit in a customer file

By Accounting, New arrivals

Here is the procedure to do it.

It is now possible to indicate that a customer has a suspended credit at the billing level.
To do this, go to the “Configuration” tab, then select a client to modify it.
The option that interests us is in the “Info” tab of the customer file.

Then you have to check the box: Credit suspended

Subsequently, we can observe two modifications to the behavior of the site vis-à-vis this customer. First, his name will appear in red in the customer list. Second, a message will appear at the top of the signature page for invoices that will be in his name.

Apply a theme to all users

By Configure your Collabox, New arrivals, Themes

Do you want all your colleagues to use the same visual theme on their Collabox? It is possible quickly. There is a button that allows you to apply a chosen Collabox theme to all users of the same organization.

This makes it possible to unify the Collabox user interface for people from the same company.

Here are the 2 actions – it’s easy!

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