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What’s new in the software

For more than 20 years, we have been developing new functions and modules in addition to specific reports to meet the needs of our customers.

This section presents all the new features of Collabox available now for all users.

You will find new functions that will simplify your daily business life depending on the modules to which you are subscribed.

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Mass mailing system – Corporate SMS

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*Enhanced function*

Collabox offers the possibility of obtaining a corporate SMS sending system for your clients, contacts or employees. The benefits are numerous and increase the efficiency of communication with your customers and employees.

Collabox has improved the functionality of the corporate SMS. Thus, the recipient can choose to receive the alerts directly to his personal account without having to check the corporate account in question.

Customer Communication

Give the corporate number to your clients and contacts for more effective communication. They will be able to reach you quickly and you will also be able to inform them about the progress of their project, send them order reminders or announce a new feature.

Internal use of corporate SMS

Use the corporate SMS number to manage your company’s internal communication. Assign all your employees to an appointment or assign them common tasks. Also, notify your team of a new project or other pertinent information such as an emergency, change in priority or change in schedule. Even faster than email!

How to write an SMS

You have two options for writing a text message via the Collabox. It is possible to write messages in advance and keep them in memory or to write a more personalized message live. Attention, the message has a maximum capacity of 160 characters.

The pre-recording of messages is done from the “SMS messages” tab.

Give a title and write a message that will be saved in Collabox.

Then, go to the tab “Send SMS” in the left menu.

Select a pre-recorded message or opt for live texting.

Then fill in the information relevant to the shipment. You can add distribution lists, for example a group of customers, a delivery route, a work team or a prospecting list.

It is also possible to send mass SMS to delivery routes. For example, to notify customers that there will be a delivery to their business or for marketing messages.

Delivery routes are set up from your contact list (CRM).

In the“Contact Form”, you have to check the SMS box to access this list.

Corporate SMS management

Collabox records all corporate SMS messages received and sent.

To access it, first go to the Tools menu and select Send SMS.

Then, several filter options are available to you. Search for a message quickly by customer, contact or employee. You can also filter the results by date.

Terms and conditions

To access the corporate SMS, you must contact us by email at or by phone (418) 907-9274. Collabox will assign you a specific email number. A fixed monthly subscription fee and a usage fee per SMS apply.

Electronic signature tool for service offers

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Are you wasting a lot of time getting your service offers signed electronically? Collabox has introduced a feature that allows your customers to sign the service offer you send them directly in the email. Here is how to use this function.

Write a message

When your service offer is ready to be sent to your client or prospect, go to the “Email” tab of the form.

Emailing" tab in the form for creating a service offering.

Then, write your message with a subject and a sending email. Note that your service offer is automatically added as an attachment.

An example of a message to be sent to a client via the Collabox email platform.

Add the option of electronic signature

Below the message are several options in the form of check boxes. First choose who will receive a copy of the message, then select the “Signature Required” box.

Check box to determine to whom the copy of the message will be sent. In addition, a "signature required" box is checked to allow customer signature.

When the customer opens the message, they will have the option to sign the service offer by clicking on a link.

This is an image showing the text sent to the customer for the online signature of the service offer.

Here is a preview of the Collabox signature visual.

This is an image showing how the customer will be able to sign the service offer.

When the customer has signed the offer, you will receive a notification.

Message sent to the Collabox user when the customer has signed the online offer.

In addition, the service offer icon turns green. This way, it is easily identifiable and you don’t have to open the document to check that the signature is present.

When the service offering is signed by the customer, a green icon appears next to the service offering number in the Collabox list.

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Bookkeeping service

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Collabox Accounting
Collabox Accounting

Collabox offers a bookkeeping service to help you perform!

Bookkeeping outsourcing with Collabox’s accounting module

Do you need support in your bookkeeping, but don’t want to hire a resource just to do the job?

You are using the Collabox accounting module and you have some bookkeeping tasks to do periodically?

Whether it’s 5 hours a month, 2 hours a week or more, we can do it for you with Collabox Bookkeeping Service.

Here are some examples of tasks performed by our team:

– Prepare and process tax remittances
– Manage accounts receivable
– Manage suppliers to track accounts payable
– Do the monthly bank reconciliation
– Perform billing related tasks
– Prepare payroll files
– Entering expenses (disbursements)
– Produce different reports as needed

– Other services according to your needs, we are listening!

This service is charged by the hour

A minimum of 2 hours per month must be reserved.

At any time to know the terms and conditions, contact us and we will be pleased to answer you. or 418 907-9274, ext. 120

Contact us

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You are a Collabox customer and have a question or need help? Here is the new procedure to follow to communicate with us. Please follow these steps to ensure a quick and efficient follow-up from our team.

To optimize the efficiency of the requests, the “super-user” is the only person who can communicate with us. The super-user is the person dedicated to Collabox selected by your company.


1- Send an email to the project manager at Collabox

2- For an emergency, use the following email address:

Project manager’s phone number

Give preference to communication by telephone. SMS is not a way to notify us of a problem or request.

Content of an application

Here is the content to send us for an information request or to report a problem.

First, add a clear description of the current situation. Then, describe your wish in relation to this situation. In order to understand each other, do not hesitate to accompany your messages with screenshots that illustrate the situation.

Thank you for your cooperation, it helps us to improve our customer service!

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Gantt chart

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Tracking an organization’s projects and tasks sometimes requires the use of a Gantt chart. Collabox has added this functionality to its ERP system.

What is a Gantt chart

It is a visual graphic tool that highlights the start and end dates of the project. Thus, at a glance, the manager can see the progress of his projects in real time according to the planned deadlines. He can then identify the tasks to be carried out in order to accomplish his project in the allotted time.

Schedule and timelines

When you are subscribed to the Gantt chart and want to see your schedules, first go to the main “Calendar” menu at the top of the page.

Location of the Calendar module in the Collabox main menu.

Then select the “Project” tab.

This image shows the location of the Project tab in the calendar.

Choose the period, the project manager and the desired employee. Then click on the “ok” button.

This image shows the search options for the Gantt chart. You can choose the start and end dates of the project, the name of the project manager and the name of the assigned employee.

Then you will see the list of projects according to the chosen criteria. Horizontal bands are visible and show the progress of the project according to the deadlines.

Here is an example of a Gantt chart where you can see the due dates of the different projects that are displayed.

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Credit limit

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Since we don’t live in a perfect world, sometimes customers are slow to pay us. In order to avoid overflow, Collabox has created a customizable credit limit system that alerts you to a payment problem.

Setting up the credit limit

When you create a new customer or need to change credit information, go to the desired customer record. Among the fields that are displayed is a series of three fields dedicated to credit. Add a limit amount tolerable for you, as well as a maximum number of days for payment. Here is an example of $5,000 and 90 days.

Example of the customer file where we can see the three fields related to the credit limit.

The addition of this information indicates that above $5,000 in credit, your company stops working for this customer until paid by the customer.

During this downtime, it is suggested that you check the “suspended credit” box.

In the customer file, an example of the "suspended credit" box checked.

Continue to prepare your bids for this client as needed. The suspension of credit does not prevent you from preparing new service offers, but they will remain “on tender”. The production can be resumed when the box is unchecked, therefore when the customer has paid his due.

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Collabox themes

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We have a new template to modify your company themes for your Collabox.

Redesigned icons and different color themes that are easier to use.

Here is a model based on blue. Be creative or use your company colors. Are you black and white or burst colors? It’s your turn!

Example of a light blue Collabox interface theme.

Here’s how to make the software work for you.

1- In your left menu, at the bottom, click on “My preferences”.

How to find out where to set up the themes.

2- In the “Display” tab, select the theme: Collabox 2020 to have a preview of the theme we use.

Display the company theme tab.

3- Then go to the “Colors” tab and start editing. Add a company logo if desired, then choose your base colors. Then click on – BUILD MY COLORS. You can save your personal theme and choose it easily when creating new accounts. This way, all employees will benefit from an identical interface.

Steps to follow to add a logo, choose the basic colors of the theme and to build the colors of the company.

4- You can adjust the colors of the different sections according to your taste.

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Procedures and documentation

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Do you know this collaboration tool?

A tool that allows you to save your work procedures, your organizational processes, as well as the documentation that you want to keep either to consult, archive or modify by another colleague. There are many possibilities available to you.

The tool “ Procedures and documentation “ allows you to write your procedures, step by step, to make categories, to place them in a specific order. It also allows documents to be linked to it for reference. Thanks to a management of access rights that you do yourself, your colleagues can consult or modify, add and update this information. You can also archive documents in different formats: images (jpeg, png), PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

This new tool is offered to you as a monthly subscription. Contact us if you wish to subscribe.

Here is an example in the NOVA INC account – our demo account
Procedures and documentation
Here is an example of categories in the NOVA INC account – our demo account

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Geolocation of your customers

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It is now possible to use the geolocation function of your customers in your Collabox. This option is even more effective when combined with the geolocation of your employees through their timesheets! This way, you can control your delivery routes at a glance!

Configure the geolocation of your customers

In the customer file of the ERP module, you can access the “Geolocation” tab which allows you to locate it on a map.

To do this, first go to the “Configuration” menu.

Then click on the “Clients” function in the left-hand menu.

Among the proposed tabs, go to the one named “Geolocation”. Then, generate the coordinates. First, make sure you have entered the customer’s address in the “Info” tab.


A map is then displayed with the location of your client.

Delivery route

You can set up prospecting lists, delivery routes, routes for your salespeople with the functionality of the geolocation of your customers.

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Suspended credit in a customer record

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Occasionally, you may need to note a suspended credit on the billing for a customer. To do this, Collabox has developed a simple checkbox. This step is reversible at any time.

Customer file

To suspend a credit, you must go through the customer’s file. First go to the main menu “Configuration”.

Then select the “Clients” option in the left-hand menu. The list of your customers is displayed in alphabetical order.

Choose the customer to whom you wish to note a suspended credit. Then, under the “Info” tab, scroll down to the desired option. Check the box associated with the credit suspension.

Effects of suspended credit

By checking the box, two changes to the client occur. The first is a change of color in the client list; it is now red.

Secondly, a message will appear at the top of the signature page for invoices that are in his name. Thus, the status of the customer is easily identifiable.

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