New arrivals

What’s new in the software

For more than 20 years, we have been developing new functions and modules in addition to specific reports to meet the needs of our customers.

This section presents all the new features of Collabox available now for all users.

You will find new functions that will simplify your daily business life depending on the modules to which you are subscribed.

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New theme: Collabox 2020

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We have a new theme for your Collabox.

Redesigned icons and different color themes that are easier to use.

Here is a model based on blue. But you can be creative. Are you black and white or burst colors? It’s your turn!

Here’s how to make your Collabox look like you.

1- In your left menu, at the bottom, click on “My preferences”.


2- In the -DISPLAY- tab select the theme: Collabox 2020

3- Subsequently in the tab – COLORS – START – choose the basic colors and then click on – BUILD MY COLORS .

4- You can adjust the colors of the different sections of the Collabox, according to your taste.

Procedures and documentation

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Do you know this collaboration tool?

A tool that allows you to save your work procedures, your organizational processes, as well as the documentation that you want to keep either to consult, archive or modify by another colleague. There are many possibilities available to you.

The tool “ Procedures and documentation “ allows you to write your procedures, step by step, to make categories, to place them in a specific order. It also allows documents to be linked to it for reference. Thanks to a management of access rights that you do yourself, your colleagues can consult or modify, add and update this information. You can also archive documents in different formats: images (jpeg, png), PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

This new tool is offered to you as a monthly subscription. Contact us if you wish to subscribe.

Here is an example in the NOVA INC account – our demo account
Procedures and documentation
Here is an example of categories in the NOVA INC account – our demo account

Note the suspended credit in a customer file

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Here is the procedure to do it.

It is now possible to indicate that a customer has a suspended credit at the billing level.
To do this, go to the “Configuration” tab, then select a client to modify it.
The option that interests us is in the “Info” tab of the customer file.

Then you have to check the box: Credit suspended

Subsequently, we can observe two modifications to the behavior of the site vis-à-vis this customer. First, his name will appear in red in the customer list. Second, a message will appear at the top of the signature page for invoices that will be in his name.


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For subscribers of the Contacts module (CRM) of Collabox, Followmail has had a makeover! A powerful editor – a programmable sending system – distribution lists – fields that allow you to personalize your message – sending and performance statistics of your messages. Try it out now!

“Drag & Drop” method and “responsive” mode for mobile devices.

A multitude of tools that allow you to personalize your message.

Create custom fields with drop-down menus

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It is now possible to create custom fields of type “drop-down menus”.

In your menu: CONFIGURATION – choose the function: Custom fields.

Check: Multiple choice field (multiple drop-down) and then choose the type of drop-down menu.

In the creation of a custom field you can indicate your choices which will be part of your drop-down menu

Here is the result of custom fields containing a drop-down menu

Version 4.6 – Collabox offers 14 new features

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1. To find quickly

You are looking for information on a client, but you do not remember where you saved it. In your timesheet, in a client file or in a project file. The advanced search now allows you to search all of the notes at the same time. Timesheets , in your client lists , of projects and of suppliers , in your contacts , in the notes of invoices and in your agenda . Here is a good helping hand to help you find the essential information which you mislaid!

example of an advanced search result
(searched keyword: collabox)

2. An accelerated display of pages

The tabs have been changed to allow faster viewing.

 tabs are faster to display

For even more speed and greater reliability,
choose to browse with Firefox. Plus, it’s free!

3. A new theme named Vampire

A brand new theme has been added to the lists of available themes:

4.17 new variables for Followmail mergers
To allow you to better personalize your Followmail messages, we have added 17  new variables that you can use at will. (Your name, phone number, address of your organization, etc.).

5. Improved mailing lists
Know what is happening in your absence

Your Collabox now allows you to view in one page all the activities and modifications made to a distribution list. The history will show the date of creation from the list, the unsubscribes and the subscriptions as well as imports in batch.

6. Sending invoices by email
You can now send your invoices by email immediately after having produced them. With the press of a button, the Collabox displays your customer’s email address and you’re ready to go!

Other modifications

  1. Tasks preferences: Show only the 10 highest priority tasks
  2. Followmail : Create your messages from html files
  3. Followmail : Sales managers can now see all of the company’s messages, mailings and distribution lists.
  4. Followmail : Addition of the sender’s name in the FROM field: messages
  5. Followmail : Modifications of email headers and Mail Delivery Error redirection
  6. Dashboards : Online beta version of a new Dashboard module
  7. Accounting : Possibility of creating recurring disbursements
  8. Calendar : Changing the calendar display