In the Collabox there are a lot of functions that help you to run your business well.

Among other things, service offers (quotes or contracts), tools related to the activities of your sellers, purchase orders to manage your suppliers.

You also get a variety of reports that allow you to have different figures, ratios and elements to make the right decisions about the management of your business.

Modify a model service offering

By Management, Service offerings

Choose who will be able to modify a model service offering in your company.

We know that many of you like to have a complete service offering at hand. It serves as a model to accelerate the creation of others. Employee access to template editing can now be restricted.

This means that you no longer risk having your model service offers changed without notice. Thanks to the access rights system, choose the people authorized to work on the models.

Authorization to modify a model service offering

To authorize an employee to modify or create sample service offers, go to the main menu “Configuration”.

In the grey menu on the left, click on Employees.

The page that opens shows the list of your employees. Click on the name of the employee to whom you wish to grant permission. Once you have entered your file, click on the tab Advanced configuration.

Then, check the option Creation / modification of model submissions in the Projects module . This will give permission to the employee to work on the models. If you want to remove permission from it, just uncheck this box.

When you or an employee want to edit or create a service offering, be sure to change the status to Model with the drop-down menu.

What an employee not having access modifying models can do :
– duplicate an existing model to make a new submission;
– view a model before duplicating it by clicking on the button PDF.
What a person having access modifying models can do :
– Everything! She can modify existing models, create new ones from scratch or duplicate them.


A drop-down menu under the search engine gives you the option to display only the models on the screen.

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Express Service Offer

By Management, Service offerings

We know that filling out a service offer can be quite time consuming. To enhance your experience, we have created the Express Service Offer. It selects by default several information to make it faster to fill.

Define the parameters

With this function, you no longer need to create a client, then a project. You will enter some default settings just once and they will be reused for each new express offer. To determine these parameters, go to the page Organization , located under the menu Preferences .

Menu bottom left

Click on the tab Projects.

Page Organization update

Fill in at least the elements in the red boxes: The name of the default project, the employees affected, the probability of closing and the name of the first phase. Then click on Record at the bottom of the page.

Page update of the organization, tab Projects

Create an express service offering

Once your settings have been determined, click on the icon Management .

Icon Management, in the menu at the top of the page

Then click on Add an Express service offer.

Page List of service offers menu Add an Express service offer

Fill in the field at least Last name and click on Record . It is the name of the customer that will appear on your service offer. You can also fill in the other fields depending on what you want to see on the offer.

Page adding a customer

The fields chosen by default will already be filled in on the page Addition of a service offering. You can still make changes if necessary or fill in the other fields. However, this is optional. Click on Record, then following if you have changed or added information; just click on following if you don’t change anything.

Page Addition of a service offering

You will fall on the page Phases of the service offering . Phase 1 will already be registered. You can add other phases (optional), then click on Record and then on following . If you don’t change anything, click following directly.

Page Phases of the service offering

Then, go on the Fees tab. Click on the phase (s) to add fees to the offer.

Tab Fees from the page Fees for the service offer

To print the service offer, click on the tab Impression , choose the printing options and click To print . To send the offer by email, go to the tab Send by email , fill in the fields and click on To send .

Page Fees for the service offer

The final product:

Example of express service offer (to print)

Four steps and you’re done.

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Service offers with options

By Management, Service offerings

With Collabox, you can create service offers with options that can be customized according to your company’s needs.

The way of writing an offer of services and the services and products that one proposes have a very great strategic importance for the business development of any company. It is for this reason that the service offerings differ significantly from one company to another and we do our best to meet everyone’s needs. We have therefore added the options to the service offerings.

A catering service, for example, offers its client different options of accompaniment for the same menu. However, he does not necessarily want to include the client’s choices in the service offering so as not to overwhelm it, but he must all the same record them somewhere. Everything is then played under the tab Products of the service offer.

As usual, the caterer must select the products in his service offer. The difference is that the products for which they have not chosen the options will be displayed in red, while those for which they have entered their choices will appear in blue. It’s a little reminder.

Page Products of the service offer

In order to select the options, he must click on the product name in the list. A new window will open on them. It remains to check the choices that interest him, then click on Record .

Product options window Chicken breast…

He can follow the same procedure for each of the products. If he wants to create new options, he will have to go to the product list and add components to his product. Once the components have been created, the options window is automatically generated.

Procedure for creating options

Go to the module Accounting .

Collabox horizontal menu

Click on Products in the vertical menu.

Collabox vertical menu

Click on the name of the product you want to modify in the list, then go to the tab Components.

Page Elements for the product[nom du produit]

Fill in the elements of the grid.

In order to better find your way on this page, here is a description of the main elements that make it up:

  1. Drop-down menu under Component : used to select an existing product and define it as a component of another product.
  2. Pictogram : allows easy access to the component’s product sheet.
  3. # Family : groups the options. In an options window, there may be different options to select. For example, for a chicken dish, we could have a set of side options, which we would group together in family 10, and a set of dessert options, which we would group together in family 30. The numbers chosen do not matter. They are only used to create option groups.
  4. Max number of choices : determines the number of options that can be selected per family.
  5. $ Extra : Adds an amount for a particular option. For example, if the customer wants a gratin dauphinois instead of mashed potatoes and it costs $ 2 more, this is where the $ 2 extra is entered.

Interested in these new possibilities in the service offerings? Contact us to try it!

Certificate of conformity and receipt

By Digital transformation, Management, Purchase Orders

In order to closely monitor the compliance of your subcontractors, there is already a field in Collabox reserved for certificate from Revenu Québec in the supplier form. We wanted to allow you to ensure even closer monitoring of the people with whom you deal by adding two new sections, this time in the order forms since they are closely linked to them: the receipt and the certificate of compliance (CCQ -CNESST).

Let’s take a closer look.

Certificate of conformity and receipt

First, go to the Management module.

Collabox horizontal menu

Then open the Purchase Order page located in the left menu.

Collabox vertical menu

Click on the order form to which you wish to add a certificate or receipt. Under the Info tab, you will find the sections that interest you.

Page Updating a purchase order

As you can see, in sections 1 and 2 there is space to write down the date the documents were requested and the date they were received. As for the boxes to be checked, they indicate whether the discharge is denounced and whether the certificate or discharge is required. Section 3 makes it possible to note that the subcontractor’s file is in order with the authorities concerned.

New pictograms

By first checking the options corresponding to the required documents (sections 1 and 2), small pictograms appear on the purchase order list page. Just like the certificate from Revenu Québec, each document has its pictogram visible in the list of purchase orders (module Management ). Its presence also indicates that the document is needed. The yellow sticker corresponds to the Revenu Québec attestation; the blue one, to the attestation of conformity (CCQ-CNESST); and finally the green one, to the receipt.

Page List of purchase orders

Would you like to refresh your memory on the dynamics between purchase orders and disbursements? Read this article !

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Procedures and documentation

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Do you know this collaboration tool?

A tool that allows you to save your work procedures, your organizational processes, as well as the documentation that you want to keep either to consult, archive or modify by another colleague. There are many possibilities available to you.

The tool “ Procedures and documentation “ allows you to write your procedures, step by step, to make categories, to place them in a specific order. It also allows documents to be linked to it for reference. Thanks to a management of access rights that you do yourself, your colleagues can consult or modify, add and update this information. You can also archive documents in different formats: images (jpeg, png), PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

This new tool is offered to you as a monthly subscription. Contact us if you wish to subscribe.

Here is an example in the NOVA INC account – our demo account
Procedures and documentation
Here is an example of categories in the NOVA INC account – our demo account

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Charge d'affectation des employés

Assignment load ratio

By Assignment charge, Management, Management reports, Reports

Do you know your overworked employees?

Our assignment load report is THE solution. This fantastic tool allows you to see over a given period of time, the projects your employees are working on with the time they have already completed and the time remaining. In addition, it tells you if your employees will complete their tasks on time according to the project delivery date. Incredible, right?


To get accurate data in this report, you need to be thorough in the configuration of your projects:

– delivery date (due date)

– hours in bank per project

– time allocations by employee


– make accurate entries of hours worked in timesheets

Follow the instructions below to see at a glance if you have overworked employees.

The procedure for accessing the assignment load report is simple.

The first step is to go to the menus of the “Management” module by clicking on the icon at the top.

In the left sidebar, click on “Assignment Load” to go to thereport options page.

Once on thereport options page, you must determine the time range of the report.

By default, the report runs from the start of the year to the current day. It is IMPORTANT to select a future date for the interval. Otherwise, the report will not show you projects with a later delivery date. A good way to do this is to use a period of one week. In other words, take the current date and add a week to it. So you will have an overview of the work to be done in the coming week. This will allow you to better distribute the assignments of your employees.

Report display options

Here is your report!

Final report
Final report

What if you can get your report to display, but you only see hours assigned to 0?

You may have forgotten to assign your employees to projects. This is not a big problem, follow the steps below to correct the situation:

  • On your project page, click on the “Assignments” tab.
  • You will then see the list of all your employees. All you have to do is enter the number of hours desired for each employee. They will then be assigned to the project.

Congratulations, you have successfully viewed your first Assignment Load Report!

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Vendor Activity Report

By Management, Reports, Seller activities

Collabox offers you the best tool for monitoring your salespeople’s activity: the “Salesperson Activity Report”.

This allows you to view the interventions made by your salespeople to customers. So you can keep an eye on the work of your employees with just a few clicks.

Create a sales activity report

To access the report, you must first click on “Reports” in the top menu bar.

Then, in the left navigation bar, click on “Sales activities”.



Once on this page, select the report options starting with the desired time interval for the report display.

Two types of report can be generated. The first, the intervention report summarizes all the interactions in the given period, regardless of the seller. It is therefore a good summary of your different projects. You can classify them by type of intervention or by contact.

Do your salespeople have the annoying habit of not checking off any type of intervention with their comments? That time is over! You can “force” this option in your vendor’s employee record. To do so, you must first click on “Configuration” in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Then click on “Employees” and select the employee to whom you want to add this option.


Once on the employee’s page, click on the “Preferences” tab.


Finally, make sure that the box “Require the selection of a type of intervention when entering a comment” is checked.


Simply repeat these steps for all employees to whom you want to force this option.

The second one, the activity report, presents the actions taken by the vendors with their comments. It is also possible to display the comments related to the timesheet entries by selecting the “Timesheet comments” option in the Activity report section.

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Candidate management

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The Applicant Management module offers you several functions to manage applications in a recruitment context for your company or for external mandates.

It allows you to centralize all the information about your candidates’ profiles and to manage the different stages of recruitment.


The “CANDIDATE” form has several fields for entering information: the candidate’s general contact information, the types of interventions related to the recruitment process, the candidate’s relevance, the“appointment” tab that allows you to schedule an appointment directly in the form and link it to the Collabox calendar.

In the candidate’s file: you can add custom fields according to the information or documents you want found there.

Examples of custom fields below: a field to obtain the CV, a text field that describes the skills required, information related to the candidate’s experience, grades, job preferences, the region where the candidate lives . In short, depending on your situation and your needs, you have everything you need.

Directly from the candidate’s file you can plan your appointments. They will then appear in the Collabox calendar. In addition, you can program alerts by email or sms to remind you of this appointment.

Candidate management

You are recruiting for another company or branch, or department, you have a summary of the information of this “client”.

The list of candidates displays several information: the name of the candidate, a type of assessment (which you yourself will have determined beforehand), the job title, the region.

Advanced search of your candidates

You can also search for candidates by type of assessment, or by name.


The employee record of the Recruitment Management module also allows you to have a detailed employee record to manage your own human resources.


In the employee record, you can add additional custom fields as needed.

In the employee record, the RATE tab

This section allows you to display hourly rates, time banks, leave rates, vacation, health leave.


In the employee record, Schedule tab

In this section, you can note the employee’s schedule, lunch break lengths, work days, and you can also put the necessary information for employees who have time banks.

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