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Our inventory management function contains several elements in order to make a better follow-up of the entries and exits of your products.

Plus, you have alerts that notify you in the event of foreseeable stockouts.

Inventory management by warehouse

By Accounting, Inventory, Products and inventory

There is an advanced configuration in Collabox for the inventory functionality that allows each employee to participate in inventory management. Indeed, they can now manage the inputs and outputs of products.

An interesting aspect of this new configuration is the inventory management by “multiple warehouses”. You can define different warehouses which can also be a storage room, a truck in which installation material is kept, and even a vending machine. Any place that “keeps stock” can be considered and managed as a warehouse.

Inventory management is linked to several other functionalities so that you can better track entries and exits, and that you are notified in the event of foreseeable stockouts. .

It all starts with the list of warehouses, which you will find in the module Accounting . This list allows you to register all your warehouses, see the stock level at a glance and choose a default warehouse.

Page List of warehouses

Then, in your product sheets, always in the module Accounting , you will see a section appear with your warehouses. You will be able to enter the inventory there, as well as the minimum and maximum of this product that you must find in each of the warehouses.

Page Updating a product

This information will appear in the product list in abbreviated form. There you will see a list of your products with the quantity in inventory and the minimum required for all warehouses added together. The quantities are displayed in blue when there are more products than the minimum required, and in red when there are not enough.

Page Products List

As soon as the system detects that you no longer have the minimum quantity needed or that you exceed the maximum in your warehouse, it sends you an alert if you have activated it. It can be found in your preferences, under the tab Advanced preferences.

Page My preferences , tab Advanced Preferences

Once these configurations are complete, you can manage the release of your products by directly indicating the quantities withdrawn or added to the warehouse or by invoicing your customers.
When you create an invoice, you must fill in the field Qty Exp, corresponding to the quantity shipped of product, i.e. the quantity invoiced to the customer. For example, if we write “5” in this field, Collabox will automatically register an output of 5 items of this product and the inventory will adjust itself.

Page Updating an invoice

We’ve also adapted an inventory adjustment page for mobile viewing, to help your on-the-go employees never lose account. When you go to a product sheet, you will find at the top of the page the link Inventory variation . It will take you to a small inventory adjustment sheet for that product.

Page Inventory variation on mobile device

In order to monitor the different movements in the inventory over a determined period of time, you can consult the report Product history in the module Reports. You will even see there by which employee the entries and exits were made.

Report Product history

Interested in this new way of managing inventory? Contact us to use it in your Collabox.

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