Human resources functions

Human resources functions

Collabox and Nethris

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Image demonstrating Collabox's compatibility with several payroll systems and other software. For example, Collabox and Nethris, Employer D and Advantage.

You are using the Time Sheet Module in Collabox and you do business with Nethris to do your payroll?

We can simplify your life by creating a file specific to your pay conditions (earning codes and others) thanks to the different data produced by the timesheet entries and displayed by the Report by employees .

This automatically created file is then sent to Nethris for payroll entry.

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In addition to Nethris, Collabox is also compatible with several other payroll software and systems, such as Employer D, Advantage, Quickbooks, Sage 50, Square, Dropbox and Paypal.

Dropbox compatibility offers instant project creation in both systems for quick sharing with your team.

Our dedicated team of programmers is here to help you make your digital shift with Collabox! We offer you a complete ERP and CRM service for the comprehensive management of your company. From timesheet entry to project or order preparation to invoicing, it’s all there. Customer follow-up is optimal with the CRM module, while your budget is properly managed with the Accounting module (including the general ledger and the balance sheet).

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Signing time sheets

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Having your employees’ timesheets signed on PDF documents is possible with Collabox. Just ask for a personalization in this sense. Thus, you can use the following functions.

Print a timesheet

Go to the main menu and select the “Timesheet” icon.

Fill out your timesheet as usual, then look at the right side of your screen under the description of the day. You will see a “Print PDF” button.

Click on it to see the timesheet in PDF format.

Signing time sheets

Next to the “Print PDF” button there is a second one called “Sign PDF”.

Click on the button and sign the document. When printing the PDF again, as in the previous step, the signature appears.

Time entry completed

For companies that operate on daily timesheets and have part-time or contract employees, a new Collabox feature has been added. It is a simple box entitled “Time entry completed for the week”.

This box assures you that the employee has completed their timesheets for the week.

Watch several videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Documentary Blog to continue your Collabox configuration!

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Request and approval of vacations and vacations in the calendar

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Plan your employees’ vacations and vacations by allowing them to create an appointment on a “Vacation” or “Leave” project. This way, they can plan their absences and you can be notified immediately and approve or not their request.

Create a project for vacations and vacations

First, create a vacation project, such as “Vacation 2022-2022” or a leave project, such as “Health Leave 2022.”

For even more efficient management, add your employees’ accumulated vacation hours in the “Assignment” tab of the project. These hours can be found in the time bank report which you can view here.

Add an appointment

Then add an appointment and assign it to the vacation or vacation project. This way, the supervisor will receive a notification and can approve the request. If necessary, move the vacation appointments by dragging them to another date.

Note: This box cannot be checked by anyone other than the employee’s immediate supervisor.
You cannot put more than one person at a time on this type of appointment.

As a supervisor, you receive a warning email that Mr. Employee has created a vacation agenda.

Click on the link sent in the email to approve the appointment.

After approving a request, the employee is automatically notified by email as well.

Viewing vacation and leave approvals

First, look in the “appointment” form and observe the green check mark including the date and name of the supervisor who approved the vacation.

Then, a green umbrella visual icon appears in the employee’s calendar. A black umbrella indicates that the application is still pending approval.

Have a great vacation!

Candidate management

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The Applicant Management module offers you several functions to manage applications in a recruitment context for your company or for external mandates.

It allows you to centralize all the information about your candidates’ profiles and to manage the different stages of recruitment.


The “CANDIDATE” form has several fields for entering information: the candidate’s general contact information, the types of interventions related to the recruitment process, the candidate’s relevance, the“appointment” tab that allows you to schedule an appointment directly in the form and link it to the Collabox calendar.

In the candidate’s file: you can add custom fields according to the information or documents you want found there.

Examples of custom fields below: a field to obtain the CV, a text field that describes the skills required, information related to the candidate’s experience, grades, job preferences, the region where the candidate lives . In short, depending on your situation and your needs, you have everything you need.

Directly from the candidate’s file you can plan your appointments. They will then appear in the Collabox calendar. In addition, you can program alerts by email or sms to remind you of this appointment.

Candidate management

You are recruiting for another company or branch, or department, you have a summary of the information of this “client”.

The list of candidates displays several information: the name of the candidate, a type of assessment (which you yourself will have determined beforehand), the job title, the region.

Advanced search of your candidates

You can also search for candidates by type of assessment, or by name.


The employee record of the Recruitment Management module also allows you to have a detailed employee record to manage your own human resources.


In the employee record, you can add additional custom fields as needed.

In the employee record, the RATE tab

This section allows you to display hourly rates, time banks, leave rates, vacation, health leave.


In the employee record, Schedule tab

In this section, you can note the employee’s schedule, lunch break lengths, work days, and you can also put the necessary information for employees who have time banks.

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Locking timesheets

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Project managers can closely monitor the hours worked by their employees thanks to the locking of timesheets. When they find that their employees have spent enough time on a project and want to invoice a client for it, for example, they just have to lock their timesheet so they don’t have to. plus the ability to make changes within the times entered. If they want to process payroll, they can lock entire days so they cannot be changed.

Types of locking

Here are the types of locks you can perform:


This option allows you to block the modification of time entries. If you lock a timesheet this way, the employee will no longer be able to modify what they have already entered in their timesheet for the specified period. However, he can add new hours for the coming days.

Full days

With this option, you can prevent data from being entered over a specific period of time. For example, if you lock the days from April 4 to 7 for one of your employees, he will no longer be able to enter anything in his timesheet for these days.

How to use the timesheet lock

To use this function, click on the “Timesheet icon.

Select “Lock” from the left vertical menu.

Check the name of the employee or employees whose timesheets you want to lock. Choose the period covered, then the type of lock. Click on Lock .

Note: To unlock a timesheet, it’s the same way: check the employee (s) concerned, select the dates that interest you, the type of lock and click on Unlock .

When a full day is locked, a message appears on the employee’s timesheet to notify them.

To better track the overtime hours of your employees, read the article on bank of accumulable hours .