Followmail is a tool for creating and sending your newsletters, your specific messages to contact lists.

It contains a complete editor to assemble your templates. You can then duplicate an old message or create a new one.

You can create your distribution lists and then schedule your mailings for specific dates and times.

You also get all the statistics related to each shipment.


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Do you have a nice list of contacts you want to reach with a newsletter? Go no further because Collabox is your most practical tool with Followmail! It includes an email editor as well as a distribution list wizard that will look for your contacts directly in its database. No more multiple lists and software, Collabox is all-in-one!

To access the Followmail function, you must first click on “Contacts” in the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Before sending your communication, the first step is to create a distribution list. This list will include all the recipients of your message. These must absolutely be part of your Collabox contacts.

How to create a distribution list?

To create a new distribution list, click on “Distribution list” in the left sidebar menu.

Then click on “Add distribution list”.

Find a name for your list and then click on the “Add Contacts” tab.

You will then see a list of all the contacts associated with you. Select the ones you want to add to the distribution list and click “save”.

Once the distribution list has been created, you must prepare the content of your communication. To do this, click on “Messages” in the left sidebar.

Here you will find all the messages you have written. To create a new one, click on “Add message”.

This is where we let the imagination run wild. Followmail includes a free message editor. Once the message is composed, don’t forget to save. * From experience, we suggest that you write your messages in a text editor like Word. You will only have to copy and paste your message and adjust the layout. Tell yourself that it takes less time to proceed in this way than to start all over *.


No problem ! Followmail is able to accept HTML files. So, the beautiful presentations made by your programmer can be integrated easily. At the bottom of the editor, you have a “Create message from HTML file” section. Select your file and save it. You can also preview it before if you want.

No programmer and no talent? We like Litmus as an online resource which offers newsletter templates that you can modify. However, you must have minimal knowledge of HTML to be able to modify them to your specifications. No knowledge? Codecademy is a tool which can teach you the basics quite quickly in programming.

Now that your message and your distribution list are complete, we can now plan the sending. To get there, click on “Shipments” in the left sidebar. You will be automatically redirected to the page containing all the shipments you have made. To create a new one, click on “Add shipment”.

Find a title for your sending, choose the sending date and the message to send. Finally, select the name of the distribution list you want from the list at the bottom. Finally, click on “Save”.

Once the message is sent, in the right column you will see the mention “Sent” as status.


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For subscribers of the Contacts module (CRM) of Collabox, Followmail has had a makeover! A powerful editor – a programmable sending system – distribution lists – fields that allow you to personalize your message – sending and performance statistics of your messages. Try it out now!

“Drag & Drop” method and “responsive” mode for mobile devices.

A multitude of tools that allow you to personalize your message.