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The Collabox offers the necessary tools to manage your employees.

The employee description sheets contain all the necessary information. Contact details, hourly rate, entry date, anniversary date.

Timesheets are the essential tool for preparing employee payrolls.

We also have the “bank of hours” system depending on the types of projects your clients have.

You can also manage vacations and time off.

Project: Vacation

By Employees

You don’t have a “Vacation” project? Do not worry. Follow these instructions to add it.

1- First click on “Organization” in the left side navigation bar.
2- Then, click on the “Projects” tab.

3- You must then update the project types by clicking on the link.

This page shows you all the types of projects in your organization.

To create a new one, click on “Add a project type”. Give the name “Vacation” to the project type and don’t forget to select the vacation option just at the bottom.

Bank of accumulated hours

By Calendar, Configuration, Employees, Timesheet

Do you have trouble keeping track of your employees’ overtime hours? Collabox can help you with its bank of accumulable hours. You just have to determine the typical schedule for each of your employees and the timesheet does the rest. Indeed, when your employees enter their information in the timesheet, Collabox is able to deduct the total made and if it exceeds the usual schedule.

How do I configure an employee’s schedule?

Click on the “Configuration” icon in the navigation bar.

Then click on “Employees” in the left sidebar.

Choose the employee whose schedule you want to modify / view.

Click on the “Schedule” tab.

Finally, enter the days and hours worked. Do not forget to configure the bank of hours. You must enter the date of the start of the calculation of the bank of hours (generally associated with the start of the hiring of the employee) or the number of hours accumulated on the selected date (if you do not take the date of hiring). If you limit the number of hours that can be accumulated, indicate it in the specified place. Don’t forget to save your changes. You must complete these steps for each of your employees.

Once you have saved the changes, a detailed report will be generated automatically with hours worked, surpluses, etc.

Do employees have access to financial data?

By Configuration, Employees

You have full control over the financial data your employees can see in Collabox. You are responsible for managing the access rights to this information from your administrator account. There are two places in the setup to change your preferences: the tab Menu and tab C advanced configuration .

To access these menus, click on the icon Configuration in the horizontal menu.

Go to the configuration page Employees .

Click on the name of the employee whose access to financial data you wish to modify. You will fall on the page Update an employee . The two tabs that interest you are at the top of this page ( Menu and Advanced configuration ).

Manage access to the module Billing and accounting

Under the tab Menu , you can manage access by module. This is the module Billing and accounting which relates to financial data. You can choose, using the checkboxes, to completely remove access to the module or to remove access to certain parts only.

Show amounts in reports

Under the tab Advanced configuration , you will find, in the module section Timesheets , the option Show amounts in reports . If the corresponding box is unchecked, your employee will no longer see any amount in the reports. This option is also useful when you want to show a report to a client without revealing your finances to them.

Please note : Your data privacy preferences will need to be changed for each employee.

Reports without amounts

By Configuration, Employees, Reports

You can allow your employees to print reports, but without the amounts equivalent to the total hours being displayed in the report (this option is also useful for copying and pasting the report to a client).

By default, money amounts are not displayed in reports, but if you prefer to allow an employee to see the amounts worked, here’s what to do:

Visit the Configuration section -> Employees, then view the employee’s record. Then in the Advanced configuration tab, check the option “Display amounts in reports”, then save.

Advanced Configurations page of [nom de l’employé]

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