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Digital transformation

Digital transformation has been part of our daily life for over 20 years.

Our software enables transformation by optimizing processes, working methods, and procedures within organizations.

Digital transformation

By Digital transformation

A new Collabox employee, Melanie Jacob , consultant will bring us her vision of digital transformation in a series of practical articles.

Here is the 1st article entitled:

Digital transformation or it’s not the tool that will do the job!

From the outset, I will qualify my title. Indeed, I much prefer to talk about improving work through digital tools than digital transformation. On the other hand, I take the second part well! Digital is not magic. It will take work to integrate it into your environment. I offer you here my vision through tips and constructive reflections. These texts will be shared with you gradually in order to help you take action without skipping any stage! Let’s start with the first question: What do you want to change by adding new digital tools? Why do you need it ? Would you like better management of your operations? Do you want to improve the customer experience? Do you want to simplify the work of your team? Would you like to lighten up certain tasks?

Reflection : Your reflex will be to improve what is already going well because it is more reassuring. It’s a good strategy. However, you also need to know what is wrong in order to make improvements. Face the beast!

Tip: Take the time to list what needs to be improved, the irritants to be alleviated, the opportunities to be seized, etc. Involve your team and your clients in this reflection. Take the option that suits you best: a suggestion box, a survey, one-on-one interviews, a workshop (not a meeting!) At this stage, don’t stop dreaming. Think about the ideal, we will come to reality very quickly.

Warning : No need to completely review your business model. Improvements added step by step and according to your priorities will allow you to achieve small commutative results on a daily basis.

Next post :

Do you really know how your teams work?

Melanie Jacob , consultant brings us her vision of the digital transition taking into account the reality of organizations. Strategic and practical, it aims for action while taking into account business objectives.

ERP software

By Digital transformation

A “dynamic” article on the 5 success factors for implementing an ERP system

  • What are the factors that trigger a reflection on the implementation of an ERP system
  • Questions to ask before, during and after implantation
  • Some success factors

This presentation was made by Louise Lahaie to the participants of a networking breakfast at the Réseau des Femmes d’Affaires du Québec, Quebec region last year.

Eliminate your repetitive tasks

By Digital transformation

ERP SYSTEM – Transform your organization

Within a business, repetitive tasks performed by dedicated staff are commonplace. However, week after week, this way of operating takes away precious hours of work that could be spent on other more profitable parts of your organization.

If you believe that certain administrative tasks take too long, consult an ERP SYSTEM expert to set up automated procedures to eliminate repetitive tasks. With the help of this software you will save time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks.

In an era where labor shortages are affecting businesses more than ever, it’s time to put business software at the service of efficiency.


By Digital transformation

Digital transformation projects in an organization make it possible to gain productivity on several levels.

  • centralize data
  • allow single entry of information
  • eliminate repetitive tasks
  • put energy into value-added actions
  • group information in the same place, no more wasting time looking for information
  • create automatisms that allow grouped shipments, renewals of invoices or subscriptions, manage purchases
  • get at a glance the progress of projects instead of talking to 4 people to get 4 different excel files that must be deciphered

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