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Collabox software

Collabox software

This ERP-like software includes hundreds of functions to manage your business whether small, medium or large.

You have several functions as well as specific tools to manage all aspects of your business.

Collabox software allows you to optimize your operations:

The -timesheets- function and precise reports allow you to get the time of your work teams.
Project management becomes efficient thanks to all the functions relating to project monitoring. In addition, they make it possible to make the links with schedules and costs.
Whether you are in the service or manufacturing sectors or in food production, production management becomes easy with the Collabox
Manage the entire sales process as well as those of customer service thanks to our complete CRM
Control your finances quickly and easily using the comprehensive accounting module.

Keyboard shortcuts in Collabox

By Collabox software, Keyboard shortcuts, Tips and tricks

Whether you are a fan of keyboard shortcuts or you are blind, know that the Collabox now uses keyboard shortcuts.

Indeed, we have added keyboard shortcuts in a contact person’s form to allow you to jump directly to certain fields.

Internet Explorer:
Alt + C: takes you directly to the comments box
Alt + N: takes you directly to the number box
Alt + Q: allows you to quit Collabox
Firefox 2.0
Alt + Shift + C: takes you directly to the comments box
Alt + Shift + N: takes you directly to the number box
Alt + Shift + Q: allows you to quit Collabox
If you are using Firefox and you find (like me) that 3 keys for a shortcut is not a shortcut, here’s how to change this behavior:

  1. In the Firefox address bar, type: about: config
  2. Then choose as filter: ui.key.generalAccessKey
  3. Double-click on the value “-1” and change to “18”
  4. Restart Firefox

Have a happy “shortcurting”!

Change your username

By Collabox software, Password and username, Tips and tricks

To change your username on Collabox, you must visit your employee file. If you don’t have access, contact an administrator.

Click on the configuration icon.

Collabox horizontal menu

Go to the section Employees , then click your name.

Collabox vertical menu, section Configuration


Then in the tab Info , modify the field username and save.

Page Update an employee , tab Info

The new identifier will be in effect.

Import customers from vCard files

By Collabox software, Import and export of data, Tips and tricks

It is possible to import a customer into Collabox from a vCard, a file containing the personal information of a contact. Here is how to do it:

Visit the section first Configuration .

Collabox horizontal menu

Go to the page Clients .

Collabox horizontal menu


At the top of the page is the link Import a customer . Click on it to import the vCard.
Note: If you don’t have this link, ask your account manager to add the import to your options.

Page List of clients of[nom de l’employé]


Use the button Browse to indicate the location of the vCard on your hard drive. Select the import format vCard , then where you want to import the contact ( Clients in this example) .

Page Import


Click on Start import and your contact will be created.

Export reports to Excel

By Collabox software, Import and export of data, Tips and tricks

Most of your reports can be exported to Excel format. Our programmers created an Excel icon which automatically exports your data when you click on it. It is always placed at the bottom of the forms to produce reports, near the button View report . They also added the CSV icon which is a format compatible with all types of spreadsheets and platforms.

For reports that do not have these icons, you can copy and paste the information into an Excel or Calc page (the LibreOffice and OpenOffice spreadsheet program). To do this, select the elements of the report with your mouse to highlight them. With the right mouse click, select the option To copy .

Copy of a report in Collabox

Then, right click in a Calc or Excel page and select the option Special bonding … Unformatted text, in the case of Calc, or Text in Excel.

Note: The HTML paste option also works, but it’s much heavier than unformatted text. This can sometimes slow down the display on your device.

Paste special report in Excel (or LibreOffice Calc)

Your data will be well aligned and the result readable. You will only need a little layout.

Collabox report pasted in Excel (or LibreOffice Calc)

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