Assignment charge

Assignment charge
Assignment load is a function that allows you to see over a given period, the projects on which your employees are working.

In addition you can check the time they have already completed and the time remaining on a specific project. This allows rigorous monitoring to distribute the work well.

Invoicing becomes quick and easy!

Charge d'affectation des employés

Employee assignment load

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Can you tell which employee in your company is overwhelmed? Our assignment load report is THE solution. This fantastic tool allows you to see over a period of time, the projects your employees are working on with the time they have already completed and the time remaining. In addition, we tell you if your employees will complete their tasks on time according to the project delivery date. Incredible, right? Follow the instructions below to see at a glance if you have overworked employees.

The procedure for accessing the assignment load report is simple. The first step is to go to the menus of the “Management” module by clicking on the icon at the top.

In the left sidebar, you must then click on “Assignment load” to go to the report options page.

Once on the report page, you need to determine the time range for the report. By default, the report runs from the start of the year to the current day. It is IMPORTANT to select a future date for the interval. Otherwise, the report will not show you projects with a later delivery date. A good way to do this is to use a period of one week. In other words, take the current date and add a week to it. So you will have an overview of the work to be done in the coming week. This will allow you to better distribute the assignments of your employees.

Here is your report!

You get to view your report, but you only see hours assigned to 0, you may have forgotten to assign your employees to projects. This is not a big deal, just follow the steps below to correct the situation.
On your project page, click on the “Assignments” tab.

You will then see the list of all your employees. All you have to do is enter the number of hours desired for each employee. They will then be assigned to the project.

Congratulations, you have successfully viewed your first Assignment Load Report!