Managing appointments is easy with the Collabox.

Alerts by e-mail or by messaging (sms) are possible so that nothing is forgotten.

Delete repeated appointments

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Adding and deleting one-off appointments to the calendar is probably no longer a secret to you, but repeated appointments may be different. They are a series of identical appointments that are repeated at a frequency that you define (day, week, two weeks, month, year), until a recurrence end date that you have entered.

To delete a few repeated appointments without erasing the entire series, you need to make a few more clicks than when you delete a one-off appointment. That’s why here we offer you a four-step process to get there without grinding your teeth.

1. Click on the tab Calendar , located at the top of the home page of your Collabox.

2. Click on one of the appointments in the series that you want to modify.

3. Click on Repeat appointment in the menu at the top left of the page. (Note: this link only appears if this appointment is part of a series of repeated appointments.)

4. Select the appointments you want to delete, then click on the button. Delete these appointments .

That’s all, the changes will be saved!

Want to create repeat appointments? Consult this link.

Create repeated appointments

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Create repeated appointments

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Create repeated appointments in your Collabox calendar so you don’t miss anything. You can add them as a group to the calendar every week, month or even every day if needed.

Here’s how :

1. In the left menu, under the tab Agenda , click on Add an appointment .

Left menu

2. The page Adding an appointment will be displayed. Fill in the fields to create the first appointment, which will become the template for your repeated appointments. Then click on Save .
Note: The date you indicate will be the date of the first meeting in the series.

Page Adding an appointment

3. Find the first appointment you created in the calendar and click on it. You can select any person’s date, it doesn’t matter.

Go to the agenda
Calendar version: names horizontally

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will see a button Repeat the appointment . Click on it.

Menu at the bottom of the page

5. The page header summarizes the appointment information. Just below, you can choose the frequency of the repeated appointment (days, weeks, two weeks, months, years) and the date of the end of the recurrence (last appointment of the series). Once the information has been entered, click on Copy appointment .

Page Repeat an appointment

Your repeated appointments are now created and all on the agenda!

To know how to delete repeated appointments, read this

Watch several videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Documentary Blog to continue using the Collabox!

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Tasks and appointments in the calendar

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You can view tasks and appointments simultaneously in your calendar

We know that it is not always easy to plan your work, even if you write down your deadlines in the production schedule . You can now better plan the schedule of your employees by taking into account both scheduled appointments and tasks to be performed. This will ensure that all projects are delivered on time, without pitfalls.

To display tasks and appointments at the same time in your calendar, you just need to check the boxes Appointment and Tasks located at the top left of the calendar. You can uncheck one of the two at any time to view only what you want.

To differentiate tasks from appointments, observe the outlines of the rectangles. In the horizontal calendar, the rounded edges correspond to an appointment; sharp edges, to a task. The reverse is true for the vertical calendar. You can also put the appointments and tasks in the color you want.

Since December 20, 2017, when you create a task, you have the option of indicating a due date, as well as a completion date. It is this completion date that will be displayed in the calendar.

Watch out for data conversion!

Tasks created before December 20, 2017 did not have a completion date. For this reason, they will appear in the calendar on the due date. This is the default conversion determined by the Collabox. You can still go and modify the deadline manually by moving the task with your mouse directly in the calendar (“drag and drop”). To do this, keep the left click of your mouse pressed on the task you want to move, and move your mouse to the correct date. Drop the task into the calendar. The new date will be saved!
Note 1: It is exactly the same principle for appointments: they also move in “drag and drop”.
Note 2: The “drag and drop” will be available from March 1st for the calendar with the dates vertically.

You can see below that the task has moved for all the people assigned to it. This happens automatically when you move a task.

You can also modify the completion and due dates of a task by updating it with the page Updating a task assignment . The fields to be modified are in the red boxes. To differentiate the completion date from the due date, see the caption below the following image.

July 4, 2018 update

Task deadlines are now displayed in the calendar independently from when the task is scheduled to be completed. They are recognizable by the small clock icon located at the top right of the box. The moment of accomplishment of the task, it does not have any.

In addition, deadlines such as task completion dates have a small green checkmark in each box to indicate that you are not late according to the deadlines indicated. Otherwise, you would see a bar circled in red (?) . If there is no check mark or cross in the box, this is to indicate to you that the task is not carried out, but that you still have time in front of you (?) .

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Appointment reminders

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Appointment reminders.

Do you have an important appointment on your calendar and want to make sure you don’t forget it? Collabox now offers an email and SMS reminder service. Add the feature to your preferences and you’re done! First decide if you want more than one appointment reminder, for example the day before and one hour before.

Then choose the desired time forthe notification. Just click on your appointment to display the reminder options. It’s simple as hello.

How to set up reminders

Can’t see the reminder option in your appointments? You just have to configure them in your preferences. To do this, click on “My preferences” in the left sidebar.

Then click on the “Advanced Preferences” tab.

Finally, you will see the “Notifications” section. Select the ones you want and you’re done. If the SMS option is gray, contact us . We need to hook you up to the system.

Watch several videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Documentary Blog to continue using the Collabox!

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