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The diary is an essential tool for good management of individual and team time.

That of Collabox presents several essential functions for a well-organized business life.

We present in this section, all the particular functions as well as the methods to configure it in addition to using it to its full value.

Two types of agenda

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Two types of agenda in Collabox

You may have noticed that there are two types of diaries in Collabox: the horizontal diary and the vertical diary. But what are their particularities? Their similarities?

Vertical diary

With this diary, you can easily plan meetings with your colleagues, since it displays your schedules in parallel. This model is very similar to Outlook and Google calendars, with the hours arranged vertically.

To see the schedules of all employees, select this choice in the “Consult the schedule of” drop-down menu. At the top of the calendar, you will see sub-divisions with the initials of each employee, for each day.

Example of a vertical agenda

Horizontal agenda

It is a rather particular model arranged in large blocks. The days are found at the top of the agenda, horizontally. There is no division for the hours; the appointment blocks are all the same size. This is a type of schedule that employers particularly appreciate when running a garage or repair center, for example. The emphasis is really on the dates themselves.

Example of a horizontal agenda

Burst similarities

  • If you have a Google Calendar, good news! It is compatible with the Collabox calendar and you can import it there to see all your appointments in one place.
  • Your colleagues can view your appointments in their own calendars when you give them permission. To do this, visit your advanced configurations. +++ is that right?
  • Want to change the type of agenda? No problem! Call us and we’ll make the change immediately. All data is compatible, so you can switch from one calendar to another without worrying about losing important information!
  • Nice novelty: the two models are rendered “drag and drop”, that is to say that to move an appointment, you just have to click on the box and drag to its new destination. As easy as that!

Questions? Contact us!

Movable timesheet

By Agenda, Digital transformation, Timesheet

After the new display of contacts on cell phone, we continue and we optimize the timesheet. Indeed, it has had a makeover when you are on your cell phone. On the road, in a restaurant or in a meeting, it has never been easier to enter your hours into the timesheet. Gone are the days when you forget to keep track of your hours, Collabox takes care of it for you.

Calendar display

By Agenda, Calendar

For a long time, the Collabox diary has allowed you to consult the schedules of all your colleagues in the same table. However, it produced a lot of on-screen information for the bigger teams.

We have therefore created two buttons so that you can choose the users you want to see displayed in the calendar:

  1. The departments
  2. The new menu Displayed users

Let’s take a closer look.

The departments can be found in the drop-down menu Consult the calendar of , at the top right of the screen. You can therefore choose to only see the calendars of employees in a particular department.

Calendar version: names vertically

Calendar version: names horizontally

The new menu Displayed users is located at the top left of the agenda. You can see small boxes with the initials of your employees here. To select the employees whose schedule you want to see, you must check the boxes corresponding to their names. If you want to hide the schedule from some people, just uncheck them.

* The menu may be visible, but the boxes are not. In this case, click directly on Displayed users , and you will see the boxes appear just below.

Calendar version: names vertically

Calendar version: names horizontally

Note: You can customize the initials of the boxes in your employees’ files if there is any confusion between some.

The personalized agenda for garage owners

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Do you have a garage or a mechanical workshop? We have created a perfect tool for you! Collabox has designed, in collaboration with Boost Groupe Conseil ( , an agenda specially adapted to your sector of activity called the “Boost agenda”. This calendar allows you to enter appointments and see all the appointments that you and your colleagues have set. The agenda is displayed by day, week or month. Take a look at how our customers use this tool:

Example of a garage mechanic’s weekly agenda

You may notice in the calendar examples that the teams use color codes to better categorize their meetings and know where they are in their work. You will also observe that appointments can be spread over more than a day if necessary. In the following example, the diary display is up to date. You can see the appointments of each employee, their lunch time and the important changes to the schedule which are entered in red boxes (vacation, absences, etc.).
Little novelty that our customers love: appointments can now be moved with the “drag and drop” function. It’s very convenient when you’re in a hurry!

Example of a weekly agenda

The Boost diary is very easy to use. Each appointment box is clickable and it allows you to access detailed information to modify or consult them, quite simply.

Example 1
Appointment creation and update page

As you can see, the form to create or update an appointment already has fields defined to enter the detailed information of the appointment. However, we can customize it according to your needs. Do you use several garage doors and want to register them? Mileage? The sale status? No problem, we’ll take care of it! Here is an example of a form that we modified for another customer:

Example 2
Appointment creation and update page

The possibilities are limitless! You can count on the Collabox team to offer you fast and personalized service.

Fill out your timesheets with the diary

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Timesheets and diary, two birds with one stone!

Kill two birds with one stone by entering your appointments in the calendar and in your timesheet simultaneously! Read on to find our pro tip and make the most of your time.

To get started, all you have to do is create an appointment in your calendar, as usual.

Page Adding an appointment

Save it. You will be automatically redirected to your calendar. Then click on your appointment as if you wanted to update it.

Collabox agenda

At the very bottom of the page, you will see the button Create a timesheet . Click on it.
* However, please note that you cannot create a timesheet for an appointment in the future. The event must absolutely be ended.

Page Updating an appointment

A page will open on your timesheet on the right day. All the information you have entered in the appointment form will be copied, including the comments.

Page Timesheet

The last step, but not the least: save your new timesheet entry and see how efficient you are!

Questions? Contact us !

Vacation request and approval in the calendar

By Agenda, Digital transformation, Employees

You can now create an appointment on a “vacation” type project which allows the employee to plan your vacation in addition to notifying his immediate supervisor so that he can approve his vacation.

Note: This box cannot be checked by anyone other than the employee’s immediate supervisor.
You cannot put more than one person on this type of meeting at a time.

When the “appointments” (vacation type) are created, the supervisor receives a warning email immediately which states: “Mr. Employee” has just created an agenda for his vacation.

Wording: You receive this email because you are his immediate supervisor and as such you must authorize his vacation .

A clickable link appears in the email: Click here to approve the appointment

When the immediate supervisor approves the request, the employee is notified by email.

Vacation approval is displayed in 2 places:

1- In the “appointment” form with a green checkmark including the date and the name of the superior who approved the vacation.

2-In the employee’s calendar by a green palm tree for approval and a black palm tree for pending approval

Good holidays!!

Resource management

By Agenda, Calendar, Configuration, Resources

Got a conference room, but never know when it’s in use? Collabox allows you to manage your various resources, whatever they are. So you can track the usage of conference rooms, projectors, cameras, etc. All presented in a convenient calendar.

Here’s how:

1- Open your calendar.

2- Click on the drop-down menu “Consult the calendar for:” and select the resource you want to know about availability. If you want to know the schedule of all resources instead, click on “All resources”. Don’t forget to click on “ok” to display the agenda.

What if the option is not there?

3- You may not be able to see the reservation schedule. To activate it, access the configuration menu by clicking on “Configuration” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

4- Then click on “Employees” in the left sidebar.

5- Select your name or that of the employee wishing to have access to the resource reservation schedule. Then click on the “Menus” tab.

6- Finally, check the option “Reservation of resources” in the agenda section.

Has the name of a room changed or do you want to add a resource? Follow the steps below to get there.

How to add / modify resources?

1- Access the configuration module by clicking on “Configuration” in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

2- Then click on “Resources” in the left sidebar.

3- If you want to add a resource, click on “Add a resource”. Fill in the information and save the form.

4- If you want to modify one instead, click on its name. You can then modify the elements of the resource file.

From this screen, it is also possible to reserve a resource (by clicking “Reserve”) or to display its schedule of use (click on “Display schedule”).

You can even take advantage of this management tool to maximize your company’s resources! Why not rent out your conference room, which spends most of its time empty? Your team has shrunk and you have vacant premises? Many young entrepreneurs are looking for workspaces to rent by the hour or by the day. Enjoy it!

Agenda, move and forward

By Agenda, Calendar

A brand new display for the agenda arrives on Collabox! Appointments that can be moved and transferred with one click, personalized displays by department and more!

We have produced two short videos that show you the new agenda in action. They will help you better understand the new possibilities it opens up.

Awesome, isn’t it? We like it a lot too 😊 Don’t forget that it is always possible to click on an appointment to modify it and add a category (color) to it to differentiate it.

Change the calendar interval

Is the display interval too small or too large? No problem ! A little trick in your settings and you’re done. First click on “Organization” in the side navigation bar.

At the bottom of the page you will see the line “New schedule – interval”. Choose what works for you and don’t forget to click “Save” at the bottom of the page.


Now that you know how to use your new planner, it’s time to organize it and explore the categories. These are used to make your different appointments stand out, for example everything related to administration is in dark green and social is in pink.

To modify your categories, click on “Categories (Families)” in the side navigation bar.

You can then assign a category to each color. If you don’t like the colors, change them! The small empty box to the left of the color is used to enter a new color code. Use this site to choose a color and get its code .

Collabox news

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Module: Agenda


When you take notes in your Appointment form , the content is displayed in your Calendar … BUT if you don’t want them displayed you just have to uncheck the function: Content display and there you have it, the visual of your diary will automatically be less heavy.

Go ahead, take some notes now!



Export your Collabox agenda

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Our calendar function is very useful for managing your appointments. On the other hand, we understand that you may want to gather all your appointments in one place. This is why we allow the export of the Collabox calendar in other calendar software such as that of Google or Apple.

To get there, you must first access your calendar. To do this, simply click on the “Calendar” icon located in the menu bar at the top of the page.Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 09.31.28

Automatically, Collabox displays the current week containing all your appointments. To transfer to another calendar software, click on the “Export calendar in vCal format” link located at the bottom right of the page. Collabox will download a version of your calendar in a format compatible with most calendar management software.
Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 13.29.30

Once the file has been downloaded, all you have to do is open it and add it to your other calendars. Usually, the software you use (that of Apple, Google or Outlook) automatically recognizes the downloaded file and allows its import.

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