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Accounting report

Accounting reports are essential tools for tracking the financial progress of your business.

The ACCOUNTING module of Collabox allows you to display various reports in real time.

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Approval of expenses

By Accounting, Accounting report

Here is the procedure to be able to approve expenses in the expense report of the Accounting module.

First, you must give the rights to an employee to authorize expenses by going to “Configuration” then in “Employees”. You must then select the employee who will have this right and go to the “Advanced configuration” tab where the “Accounting module” category is located. In this module is the checkbox “May approve expenses” which must be checked to see the column “Approved” in the expense report.

Second, we go to the “Reports” category to find the “Expense Report”. We must first select an employee since we can create a disbursement or authorize an expense that one employee at a time.

Third, we have to approve the expenses so that we can disburse them. You can finish by saving with the “Save” button at the bottom of the page.

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