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About the Collabox

The Collabox is an ERP business management software that is accessible online and at all times. 100% Quebecois.
About the Collabox

An ERP  (company resource planning) complete adapted to a wide range of companies (1 to 700 employees)
Access “ à la carte ”By monthly subscription
A product  100% Quebecois  whose head office is in Quebec but which has clients across Quebec and in France.
CRM  powerful that allows you to be in control of your sales and communications with your customers and colleagues
A multiplatform tool and interconnected while being scalable in addition to being compatible with more than 35 systems.
Fully software  in the cloud  and in the internet since 1988
22 years old  of existence and experience put to the benefit of our customers

The 10 advantages of working with the Collabox

By 10 advantages of working with Collabox, About the Collabox

1- Collabox offers a solution complete

The modules and functions of Collabox cover all business needs. In addition, you pay a subscription only for modules you use: we are THE ERP à la carte!

2- A customizable solution according to your needs

Every business has needs that are specific to him. Collabox presents several hundred configurations and access rights that allow you to adjust the tool according to your needs and according to the responsibilities of the employees who use the system.

In addition, our team of development can modify or develop all the functionalities of the software. We are in complete control of the source code which belongs to us in clean.

50% of our customers use the system “ Out of The Box “. The other half asked us for customizations.

3- A Quebec solution without intermediate

Collabox is a solution developed and marketed in Quebec. We are the developers of the product, we sell and support it. No need to pay for the product owner of San Francisco, the regional distributor or the Belgian designer. We have built our system with our equity. No capital investors of risk, the need for a return on the investment is reflected in the prices charged to customers.

In addition, it is not necessary to transacting with an implantation firm, it is our team that delivers the product, directly for what it is.

We collect the subscription income, set-up and training fees (which are required only in 50% of cases). We thus eliminate several intermediaries, we can offer settlements at a fraction of what loads large systems.

4- A product with history and support

We have been in service since August 1998 (yes, yes, that’s not a typo!). Our customers are loyal, they testify to us. I invite you to consult the attached sheet of testimonials from our clients. Doing business with us means relying on a expert supplier whose team has more than 20 years of experience with this software and even more business experience.

5- Updates and constant improvements

Our development team software composed of 4 programmers-developers is still available and in “service” mode. We are making updates and additions to weekly or even daily functions (between 5 to 15 updates per week).

During normal business hours, the Super-User of your organization, designated by you, can speak live voice to a Collabox expert. This Super-User support is free (we believe this is unique in our industry). In addition, we have a line emergency support where requests for support and problem solving can be addressed at any time.

6- A technical infrastructure of world class and best practices

We take advantage very high quality cloud hosting. Redundancy, “ Load balancing », Prevention of DDOS or Brute force attacks etc. In addition to the triple redundancy of our data centers, we carry out backup daily in our offices.

During a security audit computer, the Cogego security officer mentioned: “I have never seen such a small organization benefit from such a good infrastructure computer science. On certain points, you are better installed than the seat social security of Cogego ”.

7- A system that is not isolated

We interact with over 35 other systems. We believe that our ability to synchronize with other systems you may be using is one of our strengths.

This ability to interact with other systems is also reflected in our ease of converting data from our customers’ past systems to the Collabox. We already have carried out dozens of conversions of such systems, ranging from excel file with very tight proprietary data and requiring real “ reverse engineering “.

8- A multi-platform system

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, 27 inch screen, 8 inch tablet, 2 phone inches, the Collabox is accessible with any device, from anywhere.

In addition, the Collabox pages are optimized and consume very little bandwidth. Perfect for the representative on the road who uses the shared connection of his cell phone or the hotel’s minimum Wi-Fi network.

9 – We are trainers and we help you get grants

Employees of Collabox have an impressive course of trainers. Minister of Education’s Award, aggregation certification, university course load, course design undergraduate and graduate, hundreds of lectures, thousands of hours training.

Several times we have supported our clients by developing training plans that have enabled them to obtain subsidies (in particular Emploi Québec, but also Mapaq, Investissement-Québec, BDC, or municipal authorities.

If we do not take care of the subsidy procedures (several points of the applications are intimately linked to the reality of your business) we are a real partner in the development of a training plan that has every chance of being accepted. by the granting agencies.

10- We would love to work with you !

Our business development mentor said: a prospect is someone who needs our services, who will derive a financial advantage from them and whom we meet under favorable conditions.


By About the Collabox, Web training

Training and Networking – October 2020

The EFFECTIVE Series is a training and networking opportunity.


1 hour = 1 topic + networking!

  • You can register for more than one session.
  • If colleagues from your company want to attend the sessions, that is possible too.
  • You will receive an email with the login link within 24 hours of the training date.

Web application VS mobile application

By About the Collabox, Our application

The beauty of Collabox is its portability, meaning that it can be used on different computer systems. It is therefore accessible everywhere provided it is connected to the Internet.

Web application

The OQLF defines the web application as an “application that can run on a web server”. It can be viewed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The beauty of using the browser to access the Web application is that you can use a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or any other device that can use the HTTP protocol (ex. ,, etc.). What allows good compatibility between the different devices is due to the good management of the CSS components of the site. A well-designed CSS makes it possible to adapt the rendering of the application on the different screens of the devices mentioned.

Pros and cons

  • One advantage of the web application is that it is immediately available to all devices that can access the web (provided it has been developed for this, which is the norm today).
  • Another advantage of the web application is that it provides almost instant access to information and the amounts of information downloaded are very small. They are also specific to the research being done and the documents consulted.
  • A web application does not need to be “trusted” by application distribution sites like the App Store and Google Play. Thus, publishing and updating a web application is instant and does not suffer from any delay.
  • One disadvantage of the web application is that it requires a continuous internet connection. Without an Internet connection, hardly any information is accessible.

Mobile app

For its part, a mobile application is an “application designed to be downloaded and run on a mobile device” ( OQLF, 2013 ). The latter is developed in a language specific to each type of mobile (eg smart phones, digital tablets). The mobile application can be preinstalled on a mobile device or downloaded from an online store (App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android), this is called a native application. This type of application is not compatible with computers. Their reach is therefore much less and the editing of their content more complex because it is multiplied by so many platforms. Generally speaking, developing and updating is a bigger investment than a web application.

Pros and cons

  • An advantage of the mobile application is that it can be used without an active Internet connection. All content is already downloaded to the phone. You must of course have an active Internet connection to perform this download.
  • One drawback of the mobile application is that you have to download the entire “database” that you consult. There are exceptions, but it is not at all customary to update within the application. Thus the user will have to download a lot of information before being able to consult his first page.
  • The content of a mobile application is not listed by search engines. Thus, information coming from a mobile application cannot be “found” by Google.
  • A mobile application is dependent on the operating system and the version thereof. Its compatibility with older devices can become an issue. Its availability for “unplanned” devices is impossible.

ERP software

By Digital transformation, Media

A “dynamic” article on the 5 success factors for implementing an ERP system

  • What are the factors that trigger a reflection on the implementation of an ERP system
  • Questions to ask before, during and after implantation
  • Some success factors

This presentation was made by Louise Lahaie to the participants of a networking breakfast at the Réseau des Femmes d’Affaires du Québec, Quebec region last year.

Eliminate your repetitive tasks

By Media

ERP SYSTEM – Transform your organization

Within a business, repetitive tasks performed by dedicated staff are commonplace. However, week after week, this way of operating takes away precious hours of work that could be spent on other more profitable parts of your organization.

If you believe that certain administrative tasks take too long, consult an ERP SYSTEM expert to set up automated procedures to eliminate repetitive tasks. With the help of this software you will save time and money by eliminating repetitive tasks.

In an era where labor shortages are affecting businesses more than ever, it’s time to put business software at the service of efficiency.


By About the Collabox

Digital transformation projects in an organization make it possible to gain productivity on several levels.

  • centralize data
  • allow single entry of information
  • eliminate repetitive tasks
  • put energy into value-added actions
  • group information in the same place, no more wasting time looking for information
  • create automatisms that allow grouped shipments, renewals of invoices or subscriptions, manage purchases
  • get at a glance the progress of projects instead of talking to 4 people to get 4 different excel files that must be deciphered

Home system vs Collabox

By About the Collabox

I was asked a short time ago why use Collabox rather than building a home system or installing software by yourself. Here are a few reasons:

  • No need to install anything on a server or workstations;
  • We take care of the updates, so there is no maintenance on your end and the updates are always free;
  • We make adjustments and additions of functionality for our customers;
  • We listen to our customers and some features are added at the request of customers;
  • We provide technical support to our customers;
  • A 2-hour training course is included at the start of the subscription;
  • To our knowledge, there is no OpenSource software offering all the features of Collabox (Timesheet, Agenda, Tasks, Prospecting, Mass sending of emails, Billing, IP telephony, etc.);
  • Building software yourself can be very expensive and time consuming.

Note the suspended credit in a customer file

By Accounting, New arrivals

Here is the procedure to do it.

It is now possible to indicate that a customer has a suspended credit at the billing level.
To do this, go to the “Configuration” tab, then select a client to modify it.
The option that interests us is in the “Info” tab of the customer file.

Then you have to check the box: Credit suspended

Subsequently, we can observe two modifications to the behavior of the site vis-à-vis this customer. First, his name will appear in red in the customer list. Second, a message will appear at the top of the signature page for invoices that will be in his name.

Collabox and its mobility

By About the Collabox, Our application

The Collabox is compatible on all devices. Whether you are in the office, on the road, in a meeting, in Quebec under the snow or in Mexico on the beach!

We frequently analyze the attendance statistics of the Collabox. Here are the rates of use of Collabox on different types of devices: 90% computer; 9% mobile; 1% tablet.

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