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About the Collabox

The Collabox is an ERP business management software that is accessible online and at all times. 100% Quebecois.
About the Collabox

An ERP  (company resource planning) complete adapted to a wide range of companies (1 to 700 employees)
Access “ à la carte ”By monthly subscription
A product  100% Quebecois  whose head office is in Quebec but which has clients across Quebec and in France.
CRM  powerful that allows you to be in control of your sales and communications with your customers and colleagues
A multiplatform tool and interconnected while being scalable in addition to being compatible with more than 35 systems.
Fully software  in the cloud  and in the internet since 1988
22 years old  of existence and experience put to the benefit of our customers

Procedures and documentation

By About the Collabox, Management, New arrivals


Do you know this collaboration tool?

A tool that allows you to save your work procedures, your organizational processes, as well as the documentation that you want to keep either to consult, archive or modify by another colleague. There are many possibilities available to you.

The tool “ Procedures and documentation “ allows you to write your procedures, step by step, to make categories, to place them in a specific order. It also allows documents to be linked to it for reference. Thanks to a management of access rights that you do yourself, your colleagues can consult or modify, add and update this information. You can also archive documents in different formats: images (jpeg, png), PDF, spreadsheets, etc.

This new tool is offered to you as a monthly subscription. Contact us if you wish to subscribe.

Here is an example in the NOVA INC account – our demo account
Procedures and documentation
Here is an example of categories in the NOVA INC account – our demo account

The 10 advantages of working with the Collabox

By 10 advantages of working with Collabox, About the Collabox

1- Collabox offers a solution complete

The modules and functions of Collabox cover all business needs. In addition, you pay a subscription only for modules you use: we are THE ERP à la carte!

2- A customizable solution according to your needs

Every business has needs that are specific to him. Collabox presents several hundred configurations and access rights that allow you to adjust the tool according to your needs and according to the responsibilities of the employees who use the system.

In addition, our team of development can modify or develop all the functionalities of the software. We are in complete control of the source code which belongs to us in clean.

50% of our customers use the system “ Out of The Box “. The other half asked us for customizations.

3- A Quebec solution without intermediate

Collabox is a solution developed and marketed in Quebec. We are the developers of the product, we sell and support it. No need to pay for the product owner of San Francisco, the regional distributor or the Belgian designer. We have built our system with our equity. No capital investors of risk, the need for a return on the investment is reflected in the prices charged to customers.

In addition, it is not necessary to transacting with an implantation firm, it is our team that delivers the product, directly for what it is.

We collect the subscription income, set-up and training fees (which are required only in 50% of cases). We thus eliminate several intermediaries, we can offer settlements at a fraction of what loads large systems.

4- A product with history and support

We have been in service since August 1998 (yes, yes, that’s not a typo!). Our customers are loyal, they testify to us. I invite you to consult the attached sheet of testimonials from our clients. Doing business with us means relying on a expert supplier whose team has more than 20 years of experience with this software and even more business experience.

5- Updates and constant improvements

Our development team software composed of 4 programmers-developers is still available and in “service” mode. We are making updates and additions to weekly or even daily functions (between 5 to 15 updates per week).

During normal business hours, the Super-User of your organization, designated by you, can speak live voice to a Collabox expert. This Super-User support is free (we believe this is unique in our industry). In addition, we have a line emergency support where requests for support and problem solving can be addressed at any time.

6- A technical infrastructure of world class and best practices

We take advantage very high quality cloud hosting. Redundancy, “ Load balancing », Prevention of DDOS or Brute force attacks etc. In addition to the triple redundancy of our data centers, we carry out backup daily in our offices.

During a security audit computer, the Cogego security officer mentioned: “I have never seen such a small organization benefit from such a good infrastructure computer science. On certain points, you are better installed than the seat social security of Cogego ”.

7- A system that is not isolated

We interact with over 35 other systems. We believe that our ability to synchronize with other systems you may be using is one of our strengths.

This ability to interact with other systems is also reflected in our ease of converting data from our customers’ past systems to the Collabox. We already have carried out dozens of conversions of such systems, ranging from excel file with very tight proprietary data and requiring real “ reverse engineering “.

8- A multi-platform system

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, IOS, 27 inch screen, 8 inch tablet, 2 phone inches, the Collabox is accessible with any device, from anywhere.

In addition, the Collabox pages are optimized and consume very little bandwidth. Perfect for the representative on the road who uses the shared connection of his cell phone or the hotel’s minimum Wi-Fi network.

9 – We are trainers and we help you get grants

Employees of Collabox have an impressive course of trainers. Minister of Education’s Award, aggregation certification, university course load, course design undergraduate and graduate, hundreds of lectures, thousands of hours training.

Several times we have supported our clients by developing training plans that have enabled them to obtain subsidies (in particular Emploi Québec, but also Mapaq, Investissement-Québec, BDC, or municipal authorities.

If we do not take care of the subsidy procedures (several points of the applications are intimately linked to the reality of your business) we are a real partner in the development of a training plan that has every chance of being accepted. by the granting agencies.

10- We would love to work with you !

Our business development mentor said: a prospect is someone who needs our services, who will derive a financial advantage from them and whom we meet under favorable conditions.


By About the Collabox, Web training

Training and Networking – October 2020

The EFFECTIVE Series is a training and networking opportunity.


1 hour = 1 topic + networking!

  • You can register for more than one session.
  • If colleagues from your company want to attend the sessions, that is possible too.
  • You will receive an email with the login link within 24 hours of the training date.

Web application VS mobile application

By About the Collabox, Our application

The beauty of Collabox is its portability, meaning that it can be used on different computer systems. It is therefore accessible everywhere provided it is connected to the Internet.

Web application

The OQLF defines the web application as an “application that can run on a web server”. It can be viewed using a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome or Firefox. The beauty of using the browser to access the Web application is that you can use a computer, a tablet, a smartphone or any other device that can use the HTTP protocol (ex. ,, etc.). What allows good compatibility between the different devices is due to the good management of the CSS components of the site. A well-designed CSS makes it possible to adapt the rendering of the application on the different screens of the devices mentioned.

Pros and cons

  • One advantage of the web application is that it is immediately available to all devices that can access the web (provided it has been developed for this, which is the norm today).
  • Another advantage of the web application is that it provides almost instant access to information and the amounts of information downloaded are very small. They are also specific to the research being done and the documents consulted.
  • A web application does not need to be “trusted” by application distribution sites like the App Store and Google Play. Thus, publishing and updating a web application is instant and does not suffer from any delay.
  • One disadvantage of the web application is that it requires a continuous internet connection. Without an Internet connection, hardly any information is accessible.

Mobile app

For its part, a mobile application is an “application designed to be downloaded and run on a mobile device” ( OQLF, 2013 ). The latter is developed in a language specific to each type of mobile (eg smart phones, digital tablets). The mobile application can be preinstalled on a mobile device or downloaded from an online store (App Store on iOS or Google Play on Android), this is called a native application. This type of application is not compatible with computers. Their reach is therefore much less and the editing of their content more complex because it is multiplied by so many platforms. Generally speaking, developing and updating is a bigger investment than a web application.

Pros and cons

  • An advantage of the mobile application is that it can be used without an active Internet connection. All content is already downloaded to the phone. You must of course have an active Internet connection to perform this download.
  • One drawback of the mobile application is that you have to download the entire “database” that you consult. There are exceptions, but it is not at all customary to update within the application. Thus the user will have to download a lot of information before being able to consult his first page.
  • The content of a mobile application is not listed by search engines. Thus, information coming from a mobile application cannot be “found” by Google.
  • A mobile application is dependent on the operating system and the version thereof. Its compatibility with older devices can become an issue. Its availability for “unplanned” devices is impossible.

EFFECTIVE Series – August 2020

By About the Collabox, Web training

Next sessions in August 2020

The Effective Series is a training and networking opportunity (virtual, of course)

Concrete digital transformation case studies on 3 themes:
– The sale
– Time billing
– Project management

A tour de table … oops, with all the participants to do some networking


Efficient Collabox Series

  • You can register for more than one session.
  • If colleagues from your company want to attend the sessions, that is possible too.
  • After receiving your registration, you will receive an email with the connection link within 24 hours of the training date.

Home system vs Collabox

By About the Collabox

I was asked a short time ago why use Collabox rather than building a home system or installing software by yourself. Here are a few reasons:

  • No need to install anything on a server or workstations;
  • We take care of the updates, so there is no maintenance on your end and the updates are always free;
  • We make adjustments and additions of functionality for our customers;
  • We listen to our customers and some features are added at the request of customers;
  • We provide technical support to our customers;
  • A 2-hour training course is included at the start of the subscription;
  • To our knowledge, there is no OpenSource software offering all the features of Collabox (Timesheet, Agenda, Tasks, Prospecting, Mass sending of emails, Billing, IP telephony, etc.);
  • Building software yourself can be very expensive and time consuming.

Collabox and its mobility

By About the Collabox, Our application

The Collabox is compatible on all devices. Whether you are in the office, on the road, in a meeting, in Quebec under the snow or in Mexico on the beach!

We frequently analyze the attendance statistics of the Collabox. Here are the rates of use of Collabox on different types of devices: 90% computer; 9% mobile; 1% tablet.

The five key principles of Collabox

By About the Collabox, Our key principles

A great product is built on a great foundation. Collabox was designed on two main bases:

1.Our design team works in a single vision. On a daily basis, when the time comes to make decisions, we can ask ourselves whether we are respecting the main principles.

2.Our customers themselves must be able to participate in the development of “their” Collabox. Thus, iIt is about making known the guidelines that guide our actions, so that those who need them get the most out of who we are, from what we do.

These bases generated five key principles which made the success of the Collabox: single entry, personalization, proven resources, accumulation of expertise, an accessible team. As a bonus, a key double!

Key Principle 1 , Single entry:

Once the coordinates are entered in the Collabox , this information is automatically found in all modules: contacts, email, submission, invoice, acknowledgments, etc. Results: errors saved, time saved, increased profitability.

Collabox also has multiple “configurations” which increase the possibilities to adjust to the needs of the client: personalized form, new field, particular display order, configurable menus.

It seems too simple, and yet … How many clients have we “integrated” who, before knowing us, entered the contact details of their correspondents multiple times, who transcribed invoice numbers into another software, who rewrote lists of priority tasks? , which recounted in a new Excel file, etc.

In the Collabox , we do not duplicate the work. We consult, we export, we import, we update, but we do not re-enter! It’s easy to understand, but believe me, it’s harder to set up than you think. But at Collabox , we are fully committed to it. This principle is here to stay, and the benefits that we derive from it too: the time saved and the thoroughness and quality of the information.

Key Principle 2, The customization:

From now on, it is one of the key principles of Collabox. A principle emanating from the concern of our team to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

Collabox can adjust to the particular needs of our client, marry its other computer systems. Our programming team masters all languages and knows how to configure Collabox to satisfy our customers. We work WITH our client to arrive at THE solution that fully satisfies him.

Thus, at Collabox , we decided that our tool would comply with your requests, would adjust to your needs.

Sometimes the solution exists in the tool itself: a personalized form, a field that the user adds himself, a controlled sorting, a specified display order, configurable menus. The Collabox is filled with “configurations” and preferences. These adjustments, available to the user or the administrator, resolve many situations.

Sometimes the tool needs a more specific helping hand. The structure of Collabox was designed to integrate custom programming without harming the systems of other users, without reducing the performance of the whole. This tailor-made programming, carried out by our team, is a fundamental characteristic of our product. Over the years, we have created unique inventory systems, tailor-made representations of the agenda, number of reports for specific needs of particular clients, etc.

Be warned: if you ask us, “Would it be feasible to …?” “, The answer will always be” Yes “.

Key Principle 3, Proven resources:

With Collabox, we innovate, but relying on proven resources. We do not experiment with the latest innovations with our customers: we use known, documented software that we master and which are widely supported.

Result: Collabox is a robust product that stands up to intensive use, responds every time and lasts over time. Some of our clients have been with us since 1998.

The world of information technology is a rapidly changing world and specialists often tend to overestimate the changes (improvements?) That are emerging in the short term.

Key Principle 4, Accumulation of expertise:

Over the years, over the course of setting up with clients, we are convinced that we have understood certain things, have solved certain basic problems, and have created effective solutions for very real business situations.

To the point where we believe that our tool is a repository of solutions, often ahead of our clients’ understanding of their own needs. In other words, the functionalities that our clients discover in our tool improve their knowledge of their own business process. We help build their vision of how they can operate in their businesses.

Key Principle 5, An accessible team:

In 1998, we realized that, given the multiplicity of software and media, “flawless” operation could no longer be guaranteed on our customers’ machines. The solution? The Internet: with your favorite browser, and consuming very little bandwidth, you can access your Collabox on a secure server.

You will never be totally stuck. You can access your Collabox account, work from a machine other than yours. From your iPhone itself, if you need it urgently (it’s still a small iPhone screen, but that’s where I record payments most of the time).


My name is Francis Masse. I am the president, founder and owner of Collabox. You can always join me. My email is on , my office phone is 418 907-9274, ext. 110.

And if you experience a really urgent situation, two solutions: call twice, in the same minute at 418 265-8722 (it’s my personal cell phone), we will understand that it is a great emergency and, all tasks ceasing, we we will take care of you. You can also write to (please keep this address for emergencies). We will then follow up as immediately as possible.

We have been providing this level of service for over 20 years. We have friends who find that we are giving too many favors. Maybe we’d be richer if we thought more traditionally, with service contracts, bank of support hours, and related billing. On this subject, the ultimate question is: “Are we overwhelmed?” ” The answer is no”. It is because Collabox is a system that works.

What is the Collabox?

By About the Collabox

What is the Collabox?

Efficient, efficient and easy-to-use ERP business management software.

Accessible online on all types of devices, it can be personalized according to your needs.

Its various functionalities fall under three main categories. Accounting, project or production management and customer-CRM relationship.

With the Collabox, track your expenses and income at any time on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Use our different modules to manage all your business activities. Timesheets, CRM, agenda, invoicing … and more! Take a look at the management tools we offer you.



You will find in this  perfectly secure module a panoply of services which will be of great help to you. You will be able to  create invoices, enter payments from your customers and disbursements from your business. You will also have access to various reports essential to the day-to-day management of your business, such as  : disbursement reports, statement of account, remittance of taxes, etc.


The tool that is likely to be the most used of your Collabox, invoicing, is very easy to master. All you need to do is add an invoice in the name of your customer, enter the renewal dates if applicable, save it and you’re done! Your invoice appears in your list of invoices. You can even send it by email.


Collabox offers you a variety of reports allowing you to take stock of your business. You can, among other things, know the workload of your employees, the progress of projects, but also your profitability. These detailed reports will prove to be of great help in the management of your business.

Tax remission

Not always easy to keep track of the taxes you owe the government? Collabox does the math for you. It tracks payments already made and those to come. In the form of a report (summary or detailed), you will see all the taxes charged for each project, but also those paid with your disbursements.

Account statements

You can view on the Collabox an overview of the account statements of all your customers in the form of a list, and over defined time periods. It is also possible to display the information in detailed form. Thanks to this function, you will more easily keep an eye on the amounts owed to you and will not forget any more unpaid invoices.

Printing checks

To make your life easier, we have added a function to the accounting module to print checks. You can write the exact amount on your checks and personalize them with your wording.



You can keep  all the contact details of your suppliers in one place  in the Collabox. You  will only have to enter their information once and it  you will then be able to update them at any time. A list of suppliers is automatically created in alphabetical order. Gone are the days when you struggled to find this information!


With Collabox, you will have a panoramic view of all your clients’ projects. As soon as they are activated, they are displayed in the tab P rojet in the form of a complete list with the name of the project manager, the type of project, the delivery date and the compilation of hours. At a glance, you will spot projects whose time has been exceeded thanks to their display in red. You can also add new projects  for your customers at all times.


You will find, on the Collabox, a database of all your disbursements that you can distribute according to the projects and add to the invoices. You can modify the information listed there at any time. The list of disbursements classifies the elements according to their number and takes into account your sorting preferences. Disbursements in bold represent accounts payable.

Purchase Orders

Purchase orders allow you to instantly create disbursements. They are considered future expenses when you check out  your project profitability reports. Collabox makes it easier for you when it comes to tracking orders from different suppliers. You now have the opportunity to send your purchase orders by email to your suppliers as is the case for invoices, statements of account and service offers. The order form gathers all the important information by presenting the details of your order, the address of your supplier and a description of the work requested.


With Collabox, you will have a panoramic view of all your clients’ projects. As soon as they are activated, they are displayed in the tab P rojet in the form of a complete list with the name of the project manager, the type of project, the delivery date and the compilation of hours. At a glance, you will spot projects whose time has been exceeded thanks to their display in red. You can also add new projects  for your customers at all times.

Thanks to Collabox, you have access to the complete list of your active employees. You can, with a few clicks, manage the list by adding or deactivating an employee. All information entered concerning your employees will be kept even in the event of deactivation. You can therefore access it at any time and even reactivate the employee if necessary.


With Collabox, you will have a panoramic view of all your clients’ projects. As soon as they are activated, they are displayed in the tab P rojet in the form of a complete list with the name of the project manager, the type of project, the delivery date and the compilation of hours. At a glance, you will spot projects whose time has been exceeded thanks to their display in red. You can also add new projects  for your customers at all times.


The agenda  du Collabox is an excellent planner. You have the option of viewing the collective agenda, which displays the schedule and tasks of all employees on a single page, or of selecting only the employees whose schedule you want to see. You can also register meetings there, and the time slot will be reserved in the agenda of each person concerned. In addition, change the date and time of an appointment with a single click, directly in the calendar. It has never been easier to plan a meeting!


Make a ton of calls in a day and have no way to get rigorous follow-up? The Collabox telephony module is perfect for you. It allows you to list calls, consult faxes and even dial your numbers automatically. Not only does the module display the summary of your previous calls, but it also compiles statistics on the time spent on the phone. By using this module, you no longer have to worry about who is communicating with you. Collabox does it for you, it automatically recognizes the caller and allows you to quickly access their file.

Service offerings

This is a very powerful module in the Collabox, since your service offers can become the starting point of a project. Offers are often personalized to suit customer needs. The way you present your prices, like your service offerings, remains very strategic. This is why we have created very detailed sheets, but also a list of offers that are easy to consult.

Detailed steps

The module Detailed steps  complements that of service offers. It is intended to be a rigorous means of determining the cost of a project. In the service offer, you can list the stages of completion of a project and associate a price to each of them. These detailed steps automatically become tasks assigned to the stakeholders of your team for the realization of the project. They are listed with a due date, a number of hours and a percentage completed. All of this allows you to monitor the progress of the project. 

The document Work order,  which is in the service offer, presents the budgets in hours granted at each stage. It can be a very interesting tool to guide the team in their work.


This module  allows you to assign tasks to your employees. When you create a new task, several parameters are customizable  : assignment of an order of priority, use of a color code, addition of a description, entry of a due date, etc. The employee can view the tasks you have assigned to them by viewing a list that provides a summary of them, along with the percentage completed. It can also manage the display by day or by week. It’s now easier to delegate tasks to the right people and track their completion!

Task template

This tool is used to create a template, i.e. a model, of a task and all the steps necessary for its realization (sub-tasks). Once the template is created, you can apply it to as many projects as you want and the tasks are all displayed with their respective due dates, according to their hierarchy that you have previously determined.

The customer relationship


You want to have access to the list of all your customers without losing  your  time? It is possible thanks to Collabox.  The software gives you  access to  the  list of all your active customers, and a search engine  allows  to find their file quickly.

The files bring together the contact details of your clients, the list of all the projects  assigned to them, as well as the history of  invoices and installments.  All important information  is so  gathered  in  one place. 

CRM – Contacts

The module Contact persons , which is the basis of the Collabox CRM system, plays three roles.
It serves you first of all as a follow-up schedule with your contacts . You will avoid little tracking oversights while using it. You can also define an opportunity status and a qualification for each of your contacts to know who to devote the most energy to and when.  Another role of the module is to archive a history of all interactions with your contacts. You will no longer doubt the last thing you said to Madame Unetelle, it will be written in black and white! Finally, the module will become your directory of professional contacts. You will not lose a single number again!

Little extra for big results: The data produced by the CRM form the basis of  R contribution of  sales projections , a tool that will help you see better into the future.

The seller activity report

The Collabox generates seller activity reports , which portray the work of your salespeople for a given period. You get the details of all the contacts and all the contacts made by your salespeople at a glance.  Reports can be categorized by type of intervention or person contacted.

Massive sending of emails 

With Collabox, you will have a panoramic view of all your clients’ projects. As soon as they are activated, they are displayed in the tab P rojet in the form of a complete list with the name of the project manager, the type of project, the delivery date and the compilation of hours. At a glance, you will spot projects whose time has been exceeded thanks to their display in red. You can also add new projects  for your customers at all times.

This feature gives you the ability to write messages, build recipient lists, schedule sends, and then track email open rate and hyperlink clicks. It is ideal for soliciting or send a newsletter . Collabox offers you all the tools to carry out your next E-Marketing campaign, all fully integrated into your CRM.

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