Inter-company billing

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Some companies use “service” loans in their daily operations. Are you one of those who have to charge for loaning services from one sister company to another? Collabox allows you to do this. This is what we call inter-company billing.

Image showing a paper invoice with a calculator on the left, with an arrow linking to the right on a digital Collabox income statement.

How inter-company billing works

First, if it is two corporations, you must have two Collabox accounts as two separate income statements are required. Otherwise, a single account is sufficient. From there, it will be possible to carry out your inter-company billing very easily.

Next, you need to create a service invoice in Company A and send it to Company B for which it becomes a disbursement.

In short, you must use the income and disbursement functions of your companies to properly manage your billing. Thus, a service loan is a revenue for the first company, while it becomes a disbursement for the second, and vice versa.

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Mass mailing system – Corporate SMS

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Collabox offers the possibility of obtaining a corporate SMS sending system for your clients, contacts or employees. The benefits are numerous and increase the efficiency of communication with your customers and employees.

Collabox has improved the functionality of the corporate SMS. Thus, the recipient can choose to receive the alerts directly to his personal account without having to check the corporate account in question.

Customer Communication

Give the corporate number to your clients and contacts for more effective communication. They will be able to reach you quickly and you will also be able to inform them about the progress of their project, send them order reminders or announce a new feature.

Internal use of corporate SMS

Use the corporate SMS number to manage your company’s internal communication. Assign all your employees to an appointment or assign them common tasks. Also, notify your team of a new project or other pertinent information such as an emergency, change in priority or change in schedule. Even faster than email!

Need to reach all your teachers, students or parents quickly? Corporate SMS is the ideal tool to do so.

How to write an SMS

You have two options for writing a text message via the Collabox. It is possible to write messages in advance and keep them in memory or to write a more personalized message live. Attention, the message has a maximum capacity of 160 characters.

The pre-recording of messages is done from the “SMS messages” tab.

Give a title and write a message that will be saved in Collabox.

Then, go to the tab “Send SMS” in the left menu.

Select a pre-recorded message or opt for live texting.

Then fill in the information relevant to the shipment. You can add distribution lists, for example a group of customers, a delivery route, a work team or a prospecting list.

It is also possible to send mass SMS to delivery routes. For example, to notify customers that there will be a delivery to their business or for marketing messages.

Delivery routes are set up from your contact list (CRM).

In the“Contact Form”, you have to check the SMS box to access this list.

Corporate SMS management

Collabox records all corporate SMS messages received and sent.

To access it, first go to the Tools menu and select Send SMS.

Then, several filter options are available to you. Search for a message quickly by customer, contact or employee. You can also filter the results by date.

Terms and conditions

To have access to the corporate SMS, you must contact us and Collabox will assign you a specific email number. A fixed monthly subscription fee and a usage fee per SMS apply.

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Electronic signature tool for service offers

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Are you wasting a lot of time getting your service offers signed electronically? Collabox has introduced a feature that allows your customers to sign the service offer you send them directly in the email. Here is how to use this function.

Write a message

When your service offer is ready to be sent to your client or prospect, go to the “Email” tab of the form.

Emailing" tab in the form for creating a service offering.

Then, write your message with a subject and a sending email. Note that your service offer is automatically added as an attachment.

An example of a message to be sent to a client via the Collabox email platform.

Add the option of electronic signature

Below the message are several options in the form of check boxes. First choose who will receive a copy of the message, then select the “Signature Required” box.

Check box to determine to whom the copy of the message will be sent. In addition, a "signature required" box is checked to allow customer signature.

When the customer opens the message, they will have the option to sign the service offer by clicking on a link.

This is an image showing the text sent to the customer for the online signature of the service offer.

Here is a preview of the Collabox signature visual.

This is an image showing how the customer will be able to sign the service offer.

When the customer has signed the offer, you will receive a notification.

Message sent to the Collabox user when the customer has signed the online offer.

In addition, the service offer icon turns green. This way, it is easily identifiable and you don’t have to open the document to check that the signature is present.

When the service offering is signed by the customer, a green icon appears next to the service offering number in the Collabox list.

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Bookkeeping service

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Collabox Accounting
Collabox Accounting

Collabox offers a bookkeeping service to help you perform!

Bookkeeping outsourcing with Collabox’s accounting module

Do you need support in your bookkeeping, but don’t want to hire a resource just to do the job?

You are using the Collabox accounting module and you have some bookkeeping tasks to do periodically?

Whether it’s 5 hours a month, 2 hours a week or more, we can do it for you with Collabox Bookkeeping Service.

Here are some examples of tasks performed by our team:

– Prepare and process tax remittances
– Manage accounts receivable
– Manage suppliers to track accounts payable
– Do the monthly bank reconciliation
– Perform billing related tasks
– Prepare payroll files
– Entering expenses (disbursements)
– Produce different reports as needed

– Other services according to your needs, we are listening!

This service is charged by the hour

A minimum of 2 hours per month must be reserved.

At any time to know the terms and conditions, contact us and we will be pleased to answer you. or 418 907-9274, ext. 120

Contact us

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Are you the designated superuser in your organization and have a question or need help?

Here is our contact information:


1- Send an email to

2- For an emergency, use the following email address:

Please communicate by email rather than by phone for your concerns regarding the operation of your Collabox since we need visuals to help you.

Content of an application

Here is the content to send us for an information request or to report a problem.

First, add a description of the current situation. Then, describe your wish in relation to this situation. In order to be well understood, always accompany your messages with screenshots that illustrate the situation or concrete examples with the URL link of the page. Finally, tell us about the employee who is experiencing difficulties. This will allow us to better respond to your requests.

Thank you for your cooperation, it helps us to improve our customer service!

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