Accounting software for entrepreneurs

“Watch out for small expenses.

A small leak can sink a big ship ”
Benjamin franklin

Accounting software for entrepreneurs

You no longer need to pay for other software or to transfer, copy, duplicate your financial information unnecessarily.

Our accounting software allows you to perform all operations related to your company’s finances:

  • Digital and automated invoicing
  • Automated invoice renewal system
  • Simplified tax rebate
  • Management of suppliers
  • Management of disbursements
  • Account statement
  • Result status
  • Balance sheet
  • Big Book
  • and many others.

In addition, the Collabox is compatible with several accounting systems and payroll systems. Avantage, Acomba, Quickbooks, Employer D, Sage50, Nethris.

Ask us how you could benefit from it.

Module de comptabilité Collabox
État des résultats-module comptabilité Collabox
Rapport de remise de taxes du module de comptabilité-Collabox
Création et gestion des offres de services (soumissions)

Do you want to further structure your financial transactions?
Do you need to quickly know your billing and current service offers?
Do your managers want to know the costs of a project without having to produce infinite excel files?

Find out how the Collabox  can answer these questions.
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