Inter-company billing

By 6 February, 2023 Billing, New arrivals

Some companies use “service” loans in their daily operations. Are you one of those who have to charge for loaning services from one sister company to another? Collabox allows you to do this. This is what we call inter-company billing.

Image showing a paper invoice with a calculator on the left, with an arrow linking to the right on a digital Collabox income statement.

How inter-company billing works

First, if it is two corporations, you must have two Collabox accounts as two separate income statements are required. Otherwise, a single account is sufficient. From there, it will be possible to carry out your inter-company billing very easily.

Next, you need to create a service invoice in Company A and send it to Company B for which it becomes a disbursement.

In short, you must use the income and disbursement functions of your companies to properly manage your billing. Thus, a service loan is a revenue for the first company, while it becomes a disbursement for the second, and vice versa.

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