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By 6 February, 2023 February 22nd, 2023 Accounting, Configure your Collabox

A nice improvement Collabox, you now have a visual to show you the disbursements to approve on the projects you are the project manager!

To learn how to make disbursements in Collabox, visit the Entering a disbursement .

Approval of disbursements is usually done by a superior, manager or administrator. You must give him access to the approval of disbursements in the employee configuration form menu tab. Once the employee has access to this function, he/she will be able to approve the disbursements.

Then go to the Accounting module in the top main menu.

Image showing the top main menu with the Accounting module highlighted.

In the left menu, see the Disbursements function.

Image showing the left-hand drop-down menu where the disbursements are all approved.

When the disbursement approval is up to date, you will not see anything new. However, if disbursements are pending approval, the new functionality will be present.

This is a red number in parentheses, like this one.

Image showing the drop down menu on the left where the disbursements to be approved are in red font and in parentheses.

In this example, it indicates that there are 12 disbursements waiting for your approval in Collabox. Disbursements awaiting approval also have a red icon to make them easier to find.

When a disbursement is approved, the circle turns green.

Special situation

There may be times when a disbursement has several elements, but you are only able to approve one part. In this case, the circle turns blue.

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