Timesheet – Speed up your day

It is possible to speed up timesheet entry for all employees with these three options.

  • Copy the previous day
  • Duplicate an entry
  • Adding hours to a future date

Copy the previous day

This option allows you to copy the previous day’s activity to your current timesheet. Of course, the day before a Monday is Friday! This feature is designed to make your life easier: it copies the entry and project selections, start times, end times and comments from all of the time entries from the previous day.

Efficient and easy to modify the new entries are normal entries, which can be modified or deleted without consequence. Perfect for accountants on one-week assignments, or for those returning from a 2-week vacation. In a few clicks, he can update his timesheet.

Two conditions must be met to see this button appear under the comments of the timesheet : 1- to have entered timesheet entries the day before and 2- not to have entered any entries in his timesheet today.


Duplicate this entry

The second way to speed up your timesheet entry is to use the “Duplicate Entry” option. This copies, in the same day, a time entry (project – service – comment). An example of use: 2 working sessions on the same project on the same day: select the entry (the little bar will turn red), the “Duplicate this entry” button will appear under the note:

Entering a timesheet: later date

It is possible to fill in timesheets for later dates, for example for upcoming holidays. Every employee can easily access this function. But first, a little setup is in order!

First, select “Organization” from the Preferences tab in the main menu at the bottom left of your screen.


Location of the "Organization" tab in the main menu


Among the options available to you, choose the “Info” tab.


View of the "Info" menu


Then, please select the option “Allow time sheets to be filled in for future dates”. That’s it!


Check box

The Collabox timesheet, a clear advantage for the management of your company!