The Collabox calendar: multiple uses

By 15 November, 2022 Agenda, Calendar

The Collabox calendar is not a simple tool to compile your appointments. See its multiple uses that meet all your needs for monitoring your business.

Individual and team calendar

The Collabox calendar is first and foremost a tool for managing meetings, appointments and tasks. Add your appointments and see the available time slots of your colleagues or employees. Use the different display functions described in the article “Displaying the contents of the agenda” for a complete or uncluttered visual.

In addition, filter your data for an even more precise customization of your calendar. Follow the guide of “Displaying the agenda for a demonstration. Thus, you can choose to display your tasks only or to add appointments. Also, you can select your individual schedule or add your entire team’s schedule!

Finally, change the look of your calendar with the color families. They allow you to visually know the types of appointments (e.g. team, client, etc.) you have. The procedure for setting up your families can be found in the blog post “Families (categories)”.

Image of a computer screen showing the Collabox family personalization page. The colors of the families are displayed, as well as their labels.

Reservation Calendar

Do you need a meeting room or a vehicle for your deliveries? Use the calendar to reserve your resources. Whether it’s equipment, field material, a vehicle or a meeting room, Collabox makes your life easier!

Production schedule

Do you use completion dates and deadlines for your projects? Do you plan to make deliveries soon? The “Production schedule shows your schedule and expected delivery dates without you having to add them yourself. As soon as you create a project, Collabox will remember the start and end date information for you and automatically add them to your calendar.

In addition, the assignment of tasks to your employees is based on the same principle. This makes it easy to see what your team is working on at a glance!

Visual of a production schedule with due dates highlighted.

Gantt chart

Some industries use the “Gantt Chart as a tool for project follow-up. It is a visual graphic tool that highlights the start and end dates of the project. Thus, at a glance, the manager can see the progress of his projects in real time according to the planned deadlines. He can then identify the tasks to be carried out in order to accomplish his project in the allotted time.

Visual of a Gantt chart in Collabox to see the expected start and finish of each project.

CRM Calendar

Easily automate appointments and follow-ups of your contacts with the CRM module. The development of your business is easier and you avoid forgetting things that could affect your sales. Also, keep track of your follow-up!

Onlget appointment of the contact form of the CRM module. You can see the history of your appointments and add new ones.

Calendar for garages

Do you have a garage or a mechanical workshop? We have created a perfect tool for you that we call “Mechanical workshop diary” . This calendar allows you to enter appointments and see all the appointments that you and your colleagues have set. The agenda is displayed by day, week or month.

An example of a garage calendar with the names of the employees and their respective appointments.

Follow-up schedule of the operations

The operation follow-ups allow you to assign a task related to an intervention in the contact form of the CRM module. This function makes it possible to optimize collaboration between co-workers. In addition, it avoids numerous email exchanges to delegate a task or follow-up to be done with a client.

Find the operation follow-ups in the calendar, whether it is daily, weekly or monthly.

Example of the visual of the calendar menu with the CRM module where the box "follow up operations" is checked.
Example of displaying a task from the follow-up with a client.

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