Do you have several project managers preparing invoices? Others need to consult them, but should not modify them? Simply ask Collabox for an invoice approval to stay in control.

Access to billing

First, you decide who has the right to create and view your company’s invoices. Then, go to the employee record to give or remove access to the billing.

Select “Configuration” at the top of the page, then “Employees” in the left menu.

Image showing the main menu of Collabox. The cursor points to the "Configuration" tab.
Image showing part of the left menu under the Configuration tab. The cursor points to the "Employees" link

Choose an employee whose access is to be modified, then click on the “Menus” tab.

Example of a customer file where the cursor points to the "Menus" tab.

Scroll down the page until you see the “Billing and Accounting” module. Check the Billing box if you want to give access, or uncheck it to remove it. Save your work.

Image of the Menus page of the employee record. The cursor points to the billing checkbox to give the employee access.

Now, still in the employee’s file, select the “Advanced configuration” tab.

Menu of the employee's file. The cursor points to the Advanced Configuration tab.

Scroll down to the Accounting Module. There are several access options available to you. You can approve invoices for which you are responsible, or the entire company’s invoices. You can view the invoices in edit or view only the invoices for which you are the account manager. The choice is yours.

Image of the Advanced Configuration page of the employee's record. Red boxes indicate where the checkboxes are to give an employee invoice approval, consultation only or full restriction.

Invoice approval

When you are the approver of invoices, you have an action to take before you can send them to the customer.

First, open a new invoice and check the information. Make changes as needed. Then, at the bottom of the page, click on the “Approve Invoice” button.

Series of clickable buttons at the bottom of the invoice. The cursor points to the "Approve invoice" button.

In the list of invoices for the current month, a green check mark appears next to the approved invoices.

Examples of approved invoices where you can see the green brackets next to the invoice number.

When they are pending approval, a red alert message is visible at the top of the invoice and no check mark is visible.

Example of an invoice that has not yet been approved. A red message appears at the top of the page "This invoice is not approved".

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