Collabox allows you to set up a budget and income statement by department in its Accounting Module. If your organization operates with independent budgets per department, this option is for you!

Set up a department

Start by setting up your departments. Go to the main menu “Configuration”.

In the left-hand menu, select “Departments”.

Then add a new department.

Fill in the required fields and repeat the last two steps until all your departments are created.

Create budgetary positions

Then create your budget items. The budget and income statement work closely with the budget items. It is therefore important to configure them well and link them to the right transactional accounts of your company. The following video explains how to properly create your budget items.

To view the video, click here.

Add a budget

Now go to the “Accounting” menu.

In the left-hand menu, select “Statement of Results”.

Add a budget or select one from your list.

Choose the “Revenues” tab and then select the department for which you want to create or modify a budget.

Add your forecast by line item for the year. Start with income, then go to the “Expenses” tab. This is your projected budget.

Consult the results by department

At any time during the year, view your statement of results by department. Return to the main “Income Statement” menu and click on the link of the same name rather than the budget.

Check the box of the department you want to view and that’s it!

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