Product management with Collabox

Collabox has everything to help you manage your products and inventory.

It should be noted that depending on your sector of activity and your management tools already in place, your needs will be specific and different from a company that looks like you. Since Collabox is a customizable software that serves its customers, nothing is impossible!

Collabox adapts to your needs thanks to a team of dedicated programmers. We are also here to guide you and answer your questions.

Management by products.

Here are the main features of the “products” in the Collabox.

1- Establishing your budget items associated with your products and related to your billing.
2- The development of your service offer (tender) by products

3- The detailed “product” sheet

The product sheet allows you to manage the product specifications in addition to managing the inventory. In the same form, information about prices (minimum, list price), commissions and others.

5- Managing your inventory by product
6- The report “history by products” which gives you a display of everything that is active, among other things to manage the inventory.

Managing products is easy with Collabox!

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