Collabox allows you to export to Sage 50 to facilitate your accounting with an external software. Contact us to take advantage of this option.

Exporting invoices

To access the Export to Sage 50 page, first go to the “Accounting” main menu.

Then, go to the left menu in the “Export” section and select the “Export to Sage 50” feature.

Then check all the invoices to be exported.

When you press “Export invoices”, it creates an .IMP file.

Save the file in an easy-to-remember location.

Importing into Sage 50

First, open the “File” tab and scroll down to the “Import/Export” option. Then select “Import Transactions…”.

Choose the second option presented since you want to import sales invoices.

The software recommends to make a backup of the data before importing, free to you.

Then browse your computer to find the .IMP file you saved earlier.

You will then be asked the following questions for each invoice to be imported.

If the client does not exist in Sage 50, you are asked to create it or associate it with an existing client. If a client of the same name exists, you will not see this step, because the client will be assigned to the one of the same name automatically.

Next, you will need to associate each invoice item with the corresponding items/accounts in Sage 50.

If you use the same product numbers in Collabox as your items in Sage 50, you can check the following box in your Sage 50 clients to skip this step:

Modify a client:

Your invoice items will be associated automatically, as long as they exist in Sage 50.

There, the bill is imported!

Watch several tutorials and videos on our Youtube channel and visit our Tips and Tricks section in the Blog to continue your Collabox configuration!

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer you. (418) 907-9274