Collabox has taken care of everything by allowing the export of the customer list to a .csv file that can then be transformed into an Excel or PDF file.

How to export the customer list

First, select the “Configuration” menu at the top of your screen.

Then, go to the left menu and click on the “Export” feature.

A page is displayed and an action is required on your part. Choose the “Export to CSV text file” option. Then click on the “Export” button.

Save the file in a place that is easy for you.

Open a CSV file

To open your CSV file in the easiest way, use the Excel software of the Office suite. For Mac users, open the “File” tab, then select the “import” option. Choose your file and open it.

PC users must open an Excel document and then go to the “Data” tab. Then you have to choose the option “From a text file/CSV”. Choose your file and open it.

That’s it, you have successfully exported your client list! At any time you can save it in PDF format from your Excel file.

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