Expense and mileage accounts

By 14 November, 2022 Accounting, Disbursed, Timesheet

The Collabox allows you to easily manage your employees’ expense and mileage accounts. You can also create reports related to these expenses for optimal management.


The first step is to configure the mileage in the employee record, under the RATE tab. This step is necessary for the calculation of the expenses to be reimbursed to the employee.

mileage expenses

Next, you need to define your types of expenses. To do so, you click on the “Accounting” tab in the main menu (top of the page). Then select – Define Expense Types – from the left-hand menu.

Define types of expenses

The Collabox allows you to choose your types of expenses, according to your preferences. You can also edit and add specific fields as needed.

When the configuration is complete, the expense and mileage accounts are filled in via the employee’s timesheet. It is up to him to enter his expenses in connection with the right project, customer or service.

In addition, you can add directly at the bottom of the timesheet, via a custom field, the invoices or any other document associated with the expense entered. This greatly facilitates the accounting management of your company.

For the efficient management of expense accounts, it is possible to create a complete report per employee. This report allows for theapproval of expenses by a manager (project manager, supervisor, etc.) and the transformation of the expense into a disbursement for the company. The expense is automatically displayed in the monthly list of disbursements.

the expense report

To turn the expense into a disbursement, you must first ensure that the employee is a supplier to your company. Since the expense is always associated with a supplier, this step is crucial.

To do so, click on “add a supplier” in the configuration menu.

Then, fill in the desired fields so that your employee’s name is the supplier.

Now convert your disbursement via the expense report.

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