Employee Configuration Report

The employee configuration report

In this article, we introduce you to a little-known feature of Collabox: the Employee Configuration Report. It allows the Collabox super-user or administrators in your organization to display in table formats all the access and rights of each of your users in your company.

It makes your life easier when it comes to knowing, for example, if Ginette has the right to modify invoices or to see if Luc has access to the list of contacts in the CRM module. This is also useful when you welcome a new colleague and you need to check if they have access to the right Collabox modules and functions .

Here is how to access this report:

1- In the top menu, choose the CONFIGURATION function the famous wheel that is only accessible to super-users or administrators of the Collabox in your organization. If you don’t see it, you don’t have those rights.

2- In the left menu of your Collabox you will see the section: Employee configuration.

3- Click on the word: Employees. The list of all your users-employees will appear.

4- At the top of this list you will see : Employee configuration report.

staff configuration report
employee configuration report

5- Click on the link: Employee configuration report. You will have different types of tables that will allow you to display specific information.


a- Info general information found in the employee’s file

INFO-report employee configuration

b- Menu : the menus to which employees have access


c- Preferences all preferences that employees use

d- Advanced configuration Customized options granted to certain employees upon request

d- Services Services that are assigned to employees, especially time sheet management


e- Project Projects that are assigned to employees, for their timesheet, access to reports, project sheets and others.


f- Schedules : Settings related to schedules

Make the most of it!