Configuring your Collabox: the opportunity table

One of the features offered by Collabox CRM to manage your sales in real time is the opportunity table.

Efforts to acquire new customers are among the activities that must be constantly reviewed and updated. Management tools such as the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are therefore becoming essential in the search for sustainability and growth of companies.

Efficient and customizable, the Collabox opportunity board allows you to “click and drag” and dynamically process your sales opportunities. At a glance, visualize a “sales funnel” by customer, by product, by amount or by service sold.

The basic steps for configuration are as follows.

Step 1

Types of intervention contact

Turn your Collabox CRM into a memory aid.

First, create your own types of interventions to keep notes on the products/services that have been presented to prospects. All this in order to obtain very detailed reports of your salespeople’s activities, among others by Solicitation report.

The following are examples of the types of interventions:

  • Telephone prospecting
  • Video conferencing
  • Email prospecting
Types of intervention

Contact qualifications

Then label the contacts, for example “A” or “Platinum“. Collabox gives you the possibility to customize your tracking system. By categorizing your contacts, you will be able to sort them according to their order of importance.

Examples of Contact Qualifications:

  • GOLD
Types of contact qualifications

Opportunity products

Then, make a directory of all your products or services to follow up and find out the potential revenue per opportunity.

First, go to the “Opportunity Product” tab in the left menu. Then add a product.

Types of opportunity products

Opportunity statuses

In the methodologies related to the use of a CRM, it is recommended to use a BOM system to help track the evolution of sales opportunities.

Opportunity status” is a term used to describe a factual situation regarding a potential sale. This way, it is easier to determine at a glance the different statuses of the sales opportunity according to the stage of the sales process in which it is located.

Create your own BOM or use the one proposed by the Collabox.

Here is an example of nomenclature:

Types of opportunity status


Finally, the procedure for customizing the opportunity status nomenclature is available here.

2nd step

When your initial configuration is complete, perform step 2 from the contact form. Each tab will give you the ability to customize the contact management experience.

Assignment of “sellers ” to the contact

First go to a contact record and select the “Assignments” tab. Then check the employees who will be able to manage the selected contact.

Contact qualification

Then select the “Info” tab of the contact. Then choose the appropriate qualification type for that contact.

Follow-up date

While remaining in the “Info” tab, then add a follow-up date for the contact in the “Seller” box.

You are now ready to use the CRM function of the Collabox!

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