Configuring your Collabox: access to the calendar

In the first steps of your Collabox configuration, you will be able to determine the accesses to the agenda for your team members.

The Collabox agenda allows you to display many elements that are useful for the smooth running of your daily project management, sales or internal activities. Add appointments, view your tasks and those of your teammates, keep track of projects to be delivered and manage your vacation easily.

Calendar interface

The agenda is displayed by day, week or month. Moreover, visualize your entries, those of your employees or all the entries of the company. Finally, check off what you want to look at, for example appointments, tasks or operation follow-ups.

Team agenda

Configuring access to the calendar

First, go to the configuration of the employee’s file via the main menu, then the left menu.

Then click on the “Menus” tab and go to the “Agenda” section. Select the desired options.

Finally, still in the configuration of the employee file, click on the “Advanced configuration” tab.

Employee’s record

Scroll down the page to the Calendar Module section. Then select the users who will be able to see the calendar of the designated employee. Here, for example, all employees will be able to see the agenda of the employee in question.

Repeat this process for each employee in the company.

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