Configure the employee record

Setting up an employee record is easy!

It is essential to properly configure the employee’s file to give him access to his personal work tools. To set up the employee record, just follow these few steps.

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First, select the Configuration icon in the main menu at the top of the screen. Then, new options will appear and you can click on the Employees icon located in the left menu. This will give you access to the :

Add an employee” ** This feature is reserved for super-users

Set up an employee record

After this first step, several tabs will be displayed. The most important ones to configure the employee’s file are: info, menus, preferences, advanced configuration, rates and schedule.

The tabs of the employee's form

Tab : Infos

The tab -Info- corresponds to the personal information of the employee. First, fill in the fields that are most relevant to you. Next, it is important to create a username and password for your employee. Thus, he will have access to his Collabox account.

Please note that the superuser is the only person who can give access to employee accounts.

Collabox access to your employee file

Tab: Menus

The second tab, -Menus-, allows the super-user to select the Collabox accesses he will grant to his employee. Thus, he will be able to choose between the following modules, according to his needs:

  • Timesheet
  • Billing and accounting
  • Contacts
  • Management
  • Agenda
  • Dashboard
  • Configuration
  • Tools

For each of them, a series of specific assignments are possible depending on the needs of the employee. These include the expense entry in the timesheet, access to vacation reporting, administration of the customer contact record, the employee’s personal calendar and the creation of custom fields.

Employee file tab Menus

Tab: Preferences

The third tab, -Preferences-, has several items related to work habits and alerts. Among the elements to check are the granting of the choice of the type of timesheet to be used, the selection of types of notifications and alerts that the employee will receive based on their assignments to projects and tasks, as well as important related permissions related to the opportunity table .

In addition, it is in this tab that you will be able to configure your smtp and imap to manage the sending and receiving of emails via the Collabox. To take advantage of these functions, please contact us contact by email or by phone .

Employee record - preferences

Tab: Advanced configuration

On the other hand, the tab -Advanced configuration- allows certain users to administer other employees, as in the case of a project manager. Thus, this tab is not exclusive to the super-user. Other types of authorizations, such as those associated with the company’s accounting and financial management, including viewing, locking and unlocking invoices, adding payments or administering products, are also possible. The following is a list of modules with specific assignments available:

  • Timesheet
  • Parking meter
  • Tasks
  • Projects
  • Accounting
  • Agenda
  • Contacts
Employee record : Advanced configuration

Tab : Rates

The -Rates- tab contains the employee’s payroll and expense information. First, the salary can be established (cost and sales), and then the mileage rate conditions can be set. In addition, you can configure the information of the payroll system, as well as the rates for the various leaves (vacations, sickness, health), all according to your needs.

Employee Record: Employee Rates and Salary Update

Tab: Schedule

Finally, the tab -Schedule-, is the last one to use to configure an employee. It is used to establish the start and end times of the day, as well as break and lunch times. These items must be entered correctly, as they will have a direct effect on the timesheet, primarily in the“full day” box.

To add banks of hours, a box has been specially designed for this purpose. If you need help with the configuration of the banks or if you have other questions or specific requests, please contact us by email or by phone . We can then help you configure your Collabox to meet your needs.

Employee record: employee schedules

Produce an employee record configuration report

Finally, it is possible to duplicate employee configurations for new employee records. This saves you time and avoids handling errors. These configurations are also visible in a single report for quick and efficient management.

If you have super-user access, you can view all the access and rights of each employee in your company in a single report here .