Tracking of individual hours

Collabox allows you to track individual hours by project for an employee. This information is quick to access for both him and his manager.


Go to your timesheet, or your employee’s timesheet to track individual hours. In the description of the day, click on “Show +”.

The information on the hours accumulated in the project is displayed as soon as time is entered in the timesheet. See the total hours for the employee in the top row. For example, the employee did 291 hours on the “General Management-Administration” project, whereas a total of 25 hours had been planned. The total hours are therefore in red. The display also shows the total for all employees in the project. Thus, 337.50 hours were completed when only 65 hours had been planned. Quickly see the status of projects this way.

Conversely, the time entered by the employee for the “building sign” project is in blue, which means that the expected time has not yet been exceeded. Finally, the project “the project (Mr. Customer)” has no scheduled hours. Note that the total number of hours worked is still displayed.

Assigning hours to a project

To assign hours to an employee and better manage his time, go to the desired project. Select the “Assignment” tab of the project sheet, then add the scheduled hours for each employee.

The total hours of the project are entered in the “Info” tab of the project form.

Options on overtime per employee can also be checked. This prohibits excess hours for the project or for the employee.

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