Table of disbursements by suppliers

Do you sometimes forget about supplier disbursements from one month to the next? Make sure you have captured all of your company’s recurring expenses at a glance with the Disbursements by Vendor chart.

Recurring disbursements

Recurring disbursements, by definition, recur at a given interval and are usually the same amount from one time to the next. Collabox has a feature to automate these types of disbursements to help you save time. Go to a disbursement form and enter your information. Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “Create a recurring disbursement” button.

Table of disbursements by suppliers

However, not all recurring disbursements are necessarily the same amount. That’s why the Disbursements by Supplier table is so useful. It allows you to visually observe expenses by supplier and quickly identify missing disbursements for a given month.

Open the list of disbursements and click on the link “Supplier payment table”.

Image showing the position of the "Supplier payment table" link in the Disbursement list page.

Choose an interval to check, then click “View”. You will see all the suppliers entered in the disbursements during the selected period. You will quickly see if any disbursements have been missed by suppliers. The following example shows disbursements that appear to be missing. All you have to do is check that nothing has been forgotten.

Example of a table of disbursements by supplier. Red boxes indicate where disbursements appear to be missing.

This follow-up is fast and very efficient. It can easily become part of your end-of-month routine.

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