Having your employees’ timesheets signed on PDF documents is possible with Collabox. Just ask for a personalization in this sense. Thus, you can use the following functions.

Print a timesheet

Go to the main menu and select the “Timesheet” icon.

Fill out your timesheet as usual, then look at the right side of your screen under the description of the day. You will see a “Print PDF” button.

Click on it to see the timesheet in PDF format.

Signing time sheets

Next to the “Print PDF” button there is a second one called “Sign PDF”.

Click on the button and sign the document. When printing the PDF again, as in the previous step, the signature appears.

Time entry completed

For companies that operate on daily timesheets and have part-time or contract employees, a new Collabox feature has been added. It is a simple box entitled “Time entry completed for the week”.

This box assures you that the employee has completed their timesheets for the week.

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