Report by tasks

Do you use the task functions in your Collabox? If so, you will benefit from using the task report as well. The latter quickly shows you the number of hours worked per task per employee. See how to use this feature properly.

After creating tasks, along with an approximate or actual number of hours for their completion, your employees choose them when entering their timesheets. They indicate their percentage of completion and Collabox takes care of the rest!

Preliminary verification

First of all, when creating a task, don’t forget to enter the expected time for the task, if necessary. The report can thus indicate time overruns. This sometimes avoids unpleasant surprises.

Then, make sure to tell your employees to select the task they are working on when they enter their timesheet. They must also indicate the percentage of completion of the task.

Create a report by tasks

To create a report by tasks, first go to the main menu “Reports”.

Image showing the main menu of Collabox. The cursor points to the Reports function.

Then select “Tasks” from the left-hand menu.

There are several options for customizing the report. Choose the desired interval and make client, project, department or task selections. You can leave the fields as they are if you want a complete report of all the tasks of your organization.

It is also possible to choose a degree of progress of the tasks, including those not completed only. The report by tasks allows you to check who worked on the task and for how long. See which tasks took longer than expected and adjust your requirements as needed.

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