Renewing an invoice

By 10 November, 2022 Accounting, Billing

Renewing an invoice allows you to manage memberships, licenses or subscriptions. With Collabox, it is possible, very easily, to manage all your renewable invoices for a specific period by automating this process.

To use these functions, you must of course do your invoicing with the Collabox accounting module . It allows you to manage all the accounting operations of your company.

Here are the main steps to create automated invoice renewals.

Create an invoice

First, create an invoice for a desired customer. Then move to the bottom of the screen. You will see a “Create a new invoice” button.

Click on this button. Another window will appear to schedule your renewal according to your specific needs.

Save the renewal settings. Then, the Collabox will automatically display the invoices to be renewed at the desired period.

Invoice to be renewed

A list of “invoices to renew” is created in the left menu.

Note the arrow pictogram to the left of the invoice number. This tells you that it is an invoice that is in renewal mode.

Click on your invoice and once opened, the button: renew now, will allow you to modify or send your new invoice.

Once your invoice is renewed, you have several options to edit the invoice, check the period covered, view or print your invoice. The function: send the invoice by email directly from Collabox is also available.

You can renew the invoices one by one if you want to check them or you can renew them in batch and send them by email directly to the “billable contact” that will have been previously entered in the customer’s file.

That’s it, your recurring invoice renewal becomes easy, fast and automated, so you can use your time to do other tasks.

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