Credit limit

By 10 November, 2022 Accounting

Since we don’t live in a perfect world, sometimes customers are slow to pay us. In order to avoid overflow, Collabox has created a customizable credit limit system that alerts you to a payment problem.

Setting up the credit limit

When you create a new customer or need to change credit information, go to the desired customer record. Among the fields that are displayed is a series of three fields dedicated to credit. Add a limit amount tolerable for you, as well as a maximum number of days for payment. Here is an example of $5,000 and 90 days.

Example of the customer file where we can see the three fields related to the credit limit.

The addition of this information indicates that above $5,000 in credit, your company stops working for this customer until paid by the customer.

During this downtime, it is suggested that you check the “suspended credit” box.

In the customer file, an example of the "suspended credit" box checked.

Continue to prepare your bids for this client as needed. The suspension of credit does not prevent you from preparing new service offers, but they will remain “on tender”. The production can be resumed when the box is unchecked, therefore when the customer has paid his due.

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